News: Rumor on NFLN Murray not in Cowboys' future

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by MonsterD, Oct 20, 2013.

  1. big dog cowboy

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    Slightly off topic - We have been blessed with great RB's throughout our history. Sure would be nice for another one right about now.
  2. fifaguy

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    we have a couple options (all of which should be explored)... bring in some of the proven vets (give Kevin Jones, Beanie Wells, Benson, Turner a look), see what possible trades can be made for a rb, and draft another rb in the late rounds next year -- Arizona got a steal with the late round pickup of Ellington in this years draft imo.
  3. Doomsay

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    He took a helmet shot to the knee.
  4. dart

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    oh he did
  5. Wood

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    same here. It looked like he just bumped his knee (thought maybe contusion at most) but he is only RB I know that sprains his knee when it doesn't get turned left or right.
  6. vaturkey

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    I think Murray is the most complete back we have. There is not a single facet of his game that's not decent. However, I'd be remiss without saying his vision is spotty and he doesn't have the burst he had just last year. I think backs get used up quick in the league. There are lots who can shine for a game or two when they are fresh and the defense is beat up or playing scrubs. Let them do it for ten or twelve games and you have a true idea of what you have. I think the Cowboy's will have a new lead back no later then next years draft and he will probably come out of the college ranks. Regarding Randle, he's quick and has some power, but not enough quickness and not enough power to make up for his lack of straightline speed. He's a poor man's Murray and thus he can handle the load for a game or two. There's a reason he was a 5th round pick and not higher.
  7. Zordon

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    i guarantee u cedric benson would come in here and do a lot better than some of these running backs. i saw him during OU weekend, he is still built like a truck.
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  8. fifaguy

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    I always really liked Benson. In fact I am surprised some other teams such as the Giants and Steelers havent brought him in for a look already. I have heard Turner looks like he is done as far as "having anything left in the tank".

    EDIT: Benson is only 30. I know he was dealing with a Lisfranc midfoot injury -- back in March... I seem to remember we had some vague interest in him over this past offseason?

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