Rumor: Redskins sign Carter and Abraham

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by TheKey, Mar 13, 2006.

  1. TheKey

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    Just on ESPNEWS. Say both will most likely sign tommorow.
  2. stilltheguru

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    ***.i thought they said they were dont signing big names.

    ok this is getting ridiculous.THEY CANT DO THISSSSSSSSSSSSS:bang2:
  3. Bizwah

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    Now, Abraham scares me.

    All their other signings have been very solid.

    Abraham is a great signing for them.

    Now, I will say that I think we can run on their ends. Carter and Abraham are both smallish......lots of run-blitzing for the Skins next year.
  4. Gryphon

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    Redskins and DE Andre Carter have agreed on a six-year, $30 million contract.
    It's an almost identical deal to Adam Archuleta's. Both players will help, but the Redskins massively overpaid again. Who would have come close to paying this much? Carter is talented, but has struggled to stay healthy or provide consistent production in San Francisco. He should move back to defensive end in Washington.

    Mar. 13 - 6:14 pm et
  5. EveryoneElse

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    If the Redskins are able to sign all these players in FA, why are these guys that come from big markets even hitting FA?

    I could understand if the skins were paying according to talent....but they're paying top dollar to guys like Randle El, Adam Archulleta, and now John Abraham?

    It's almost reacing unfair status.

    I'm not scared.....we all know Snyder has been trying to buy a super bowl since he bought the hasn't worked yet.....and it never will.
  6. dmq

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    I would say there goes the rest of the skins pics for this year and maybe a second next year. Say bye bye to the draft:laugh2:
  7. Gryphon

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    The Redskins are hosting DE John Abraham.
    They could send Patrick Ramsey to New York as part of a trade, but we're not sure where they are finding all this cap room. It hasn't stopped them yet.

    Mar. 13 - 11:13 am et
    Source: Washington Post
  8. yentl911

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    How can they continue to sign all of these players with their current cap situation? I just don't get it. They were supposed to be in what several people called "Cap Hell" and now they turn in one of the busiest free agent signing periods I have ever seen...................Can someone shed some light on this??
  9. BigDFan5

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    new cba
  10. Silverstar

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    If they get Abraham too....:eek:

  11. demdcowboys#1

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    OMFG, this is outrageous, i dont know how in hell they have that much cap space. They were just like 20 million over damn near last week, now they all of a sudden have enough cap room to sign the top notch FA's on the market, and trade for a VERY expensive player, this is class a bull**** in my opinion!!!!!

    Lloyd- Getting a larger contract
    Randel El- 7 year $31 million deal, 11.5 million bonus
    Carter- 6 year $30 million deal
    Archuleta- 6 year deal, $5 million per year, $10 million signing bonus
    Fauria-Signed a deal iunno how much though.

    Per NBC4 with George Michaels, the Redskins have spent $100 million on Free Agency and are still not finished, they still want to work deals and pick up draft picks as well!!!!!

    THIS IS RIDICULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. stilltheguru

    stilltheguru Well-Known Member

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    put it like this. it will make it even better when we sweep them this year.yep
  13. Silverstar

    Silverstar Well-Known Member

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    The cap is supposed to go up another 7 million next year so....
  14. Anguillidae

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    The 'Skins would only have been in "cap hell" if the CBA had not been extended. With the new CBA they can just prorate everything. And it looks like they do. Trying to buy a Super Bowl with future money. I hope they overextend themself this time, but they haven't in previous years.
  15. Teague31

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    i would love for adam to project where the skins currently are with the cap- i agree with consensus here- how is they had to cut 6 players a week ago to get under the cap and now have the money to shell out like they are. makes no sense- they are either much smarter than the rest of the league or much dumber- haven't figured out which yet.:bang2:
  16. numnuts23

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    Only thing here is JA is going to command decent draft picks...correct? So is it Ramsey and this yrs. 2nd and picks next year?
  17. Nors

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    No One in the NFL Office even understands how to calculate the Cap. They have no way of tracking the Redskins. Danny knows that and does whatever he wants.

    Abraham needs a trade - sounds fishy
  18. jps_tex

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    How can they sign Abraham...He's a franshised player (by the Jets), and they don;t have 2 1st rounders to give up to sign him?
  19. dal0789

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    Hmmmmmmmmmmm.......????????? Scandal with danny boy?? lol
  20. playit12

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    The Jets are looking to trade him. I think the going price is a single first round pick.

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