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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by ghst187, Jan 15, 2010.

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    Rumor #1: Michael Vick may be traded to St Louis
    Rumor #2: Seattle trades for Brandon Marshall

    My speculation: If Vick (or McNabb or Kolb for that matter) is traded to StL, that will almost etch in stone that StL will select DT Suh with the top pick in the draft. They may have been planning to do that anyway.
    If Seattle trades for Marshall they may have to give up their latter first. Also, Denver may suddenly be in the market for a WR, even if they pick up Deon Branch in the deal. Denver would have two firsts, the first of which I fully suspect they will take ILB Rolando McClain. They could likely take Dez Bryant with their second since Marshall was their only competent WR and Branch doesn't exactly inspire fear in DBs. If Denver got McClain and Bryant, which would be a coup, it would irk the heck out me and most of those here on the board.

    additionally, if StL picks up a QB via a trade or FA I think the first 4-5 picks will be nearly automatic:
    1) StL- Suh
    2) Detroit- Gerald McCoy (they won't take Berry, they took Delmas last year)
    3) Tampa Bay- Eric Berry (best player available and TB needs defense)
    4) Wash- Sam Bradford (word is that they like Sam, although Clausen could be an option here if Sam's shoulder doesn't look 100%)
    5) KC- likely to take LT (Okung or Davis) but I could see Buffalo trading up to get Clausen before Seattle can get him while KC would still get a top 1 or 2 LT
    6) Seattle -you just know Carroll will get some SC guys but will this be too early for Taylor Mays? I know so but will Pete? With Clausen off the board, I would think Seattle would try to replace Walter Jones who is done; Okung.
    7) Cleveland- Joe Haden, they need defense badly, Haden is best DPA
    8) Oakland- who knows...Taylor Mays, Pierre Paul (since Seymour is gone), or Bruce Campbell. All we know is that it will be a reach.
    9) Buffalo- Pick will be a LT since they traded theirs away to the iggles unless they trade up for Clausen.
    10) Jax- Its a reach but they have to take Tim Tebow here or they will go bankrupt. Tebow won't last til the 10th pick in the second.
    11) Denver- Rolando McClain- BPA at a position of need
    12) Miami- McClain won't last past Parcells pick if he makes it past Denver. Parcells won't go WR. I suspect this will be either a NT like Cody to anchor the D or more likely, a speed rusher like Derrick Morgan or FS Earl Thomas
    13) San Fran- they have two picks, one will be sexy, the other will be a LT. I suspect this is Taylor Mays, who will champion the underwear olympics.
    14) Seattle- Foresee maybe CJ Spiller here
    15) NYG- No way Earl Thomas makes it past the NYG. S is easily their worst position. If Thomas is gone, may get a rusher to replace Osi who is not happy and may not be back.
    16) Tennessee- This is a defensive pick, either Dan Williams (who played at Tennessee in college) to replace Haynesworthnotsomuch or a DE like Everson Griffen
    17) San Fran- LT, Bruce Campbell or Bulaga
    18) Pitt- Depending on what happens with Hampton, they may go NT like T Cody. But I'm guessing they get Hampton back and go with the glaring OL hole and take M. Iupati.
    19) Atlanta- Atlanta gets the #2 CB and runs to the podium to take Donovan Warren
    20) Houston- needs an every down back, I could see Dwyer going here.
    21) Cincy- Suspect this pick will be a WR, Benn, Williams, or Tate
    22) NE- Hard to read them but I imagine they realize their need for a passrusher
    23) Green Bay- This will be OL, maybe Charles Brown USC although Bulaga seems like a Packer kinda guy.
    24) Iggles- This is probably a LB either Spikes or Weatherspoon. Spikes is a bit of a punk so it seems like a perfect match. Dunlap is a possibility too.
    Balt- Probably a WR. Dez won't last past Balt. Damian Williams is a possibility as is Benn, maybe even Tate.
    NYJ- ?? probably a passrusher like Jerry Hughes
    Ind- ??
    Arizona- either OT (trent Williams/Brown) or pass rusher here (Dunlap or Von Miller)
    Vikings- could see Colt McCoy here, esp if Favre retires once and for all. Also CB or OL.
    NO- will be DT like Price or LB like Weatherspoon who is a great 4-3 fit
    Cowboys- With the top tier of OTs gone, Iupati gone, Earl Thomas gone, McClain gone, and Dez gone...we either take OT Jason Fox or probably trade down.
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    All the trade down talk. I really hope not.

    Awesome stuff, 187. Great read.
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    I want Dallas to win the SB in the worst way.........but on the flipside, I want some of these top tier players that can only be had with suckage or trades. We really dont have the pieces to trade and right now we dont suck. So we are stuck at the end of the first round and will miss out on all 3 of the guys I want the most.....Earl Thomas, Mike Iupati, and Rolando McClain. Oh how sweet it could have been to get 2 of the 3......I would sacrifice my homer side and take McClain and Iupati. Solidifying the middle of our OL and D is too valuable to pass up.

    Oh well, since we will be practically in FA prison after the season anyway, and we only have 6 draft picks.....I say win the whole flippin enchilada. Then use those 6 picks on nothing but OL, DL, and DBs. Remember we have Williams, Williams, Butler, Cujo, and I believe one or two others at LB. So it really isn't that pressing of a need.
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    the further we go into the playoffs the greater the chance of a trade down unless a great propect at one of needs is available.
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    Trade down like I've been saying all along.

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