Running back or wide receiver in the 2005 draft

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by tyke1doe, Nov 17, 2004.

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    Because of the other guy on this list, Cadillac Williams :confused:

    IF we don't go D with 1a and 1b....damn this is a tuff one. JJ may come in late and wow us all. I think our WR's + Witten = a pretty good recieving groupe. It would have to be between R. Brown and Williams to me. Brown until JJ proves himself, and also because Brown is a good do it all type back. Williams just because he's damn good and our WR's aren't getting younger.

    If the right players are there, I still think the D should have more of the emphasis with the early picks.
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    First of all, how often does that happen? Second, one season doesn't make him great...let see him do it over and over again. BTW, if Williams falls to late first, I have no problem with that but for a top 10.....I like someone who's gonna scare the DB and can score from distance.

    Someone posted C. William for the reason R. Brown isn't playing...well, why do we draft the backup if we can get the starter. It's not if both are getting same number of carries. I don't think the carries are even close. We know what happened to Hambone when he became the starter. Get the real thing.
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    If M.williams is available draft him, he will be an impact player, we need impact players, something this team lacks. We can address defense in FA and other rounds in the draft. I have to admit I seen Ronnie Brown for the first time against georgia and he was impressive :D
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    Ronnie Brown is playing a lot. They do a lot of 2 back sets with both of them in there. He has 107 carries for 740 yards and 6.9 ypc. He has more receptions and yards than Cadillac and lines up as a WR sometimes. Caddy has 186 carries for 963 yards and 5.2 ypc, some of those carries behind RB who's blocking for him.

    Many people think RB is the better all around back, and that's hard to argue against. I think they are both very good, and probably both 1st rounders, but I like RB a little more. If anything, he may fit us better. He's bigger and more of a power back, which should compliment Julius better.
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    I am against drafting Rodney B in the 1st. He probably will be drafted by someone in the first round. But to me, a 1st rounder should be as close to a sure first 1st yr starter as possible. The higher they are drafted the more likely he's ready to play day one. RB doesn't even start in college...not a single yr. I don't mind taking a chance after the 1st round but it's concerning to me to draft a non-college starter and have the expectation of him panning out.
    Let's face it...the better back starts in any program. Caddy is better at this stage and every yr so far that he's at Auburn. Without starting and getting full workload it's just hard to judge RB. Oh, and his 6.9yd a carry....SEE HAMBONE when he was the back up as well.
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    Have you EVER seen Mike Williams play? You think he doesnt scare CB's? The kid was one of, if not the best WR in college his freshman and sophomore years. He's a legit 6'5" 230 lbs. and runs a 4.55 forty right now. He could still get faster, he's only 20. HE DOES SCARE DB'S! You should compare him to Plaxico Burress down in Pittsburgh. But Williams is bigger and a tad bit faster. Plaxico is killing the league right now and had NO problems getting deep on TNEW (who ran a 4.3 forty). If Williams is there, you HAVE to draft him.

    I also read earlier that someone wanted the Cowboys to draft another RB even if JJ looks good ala the Vikings and Broncos. But you have to keep in mind those teams rarely spend a high first on a RB. The highest RB drafted recently by either team was Bennent and he was something like the 25th pick in the draft. The rest were no more than 2nd and 4th round picks (if that). You can get better at RB without drafting one high. I'm all for using that second round pick on someone like Frank Gore or the kid Barber from Minnesota to sure up the RB position.

    In the first round both the offense and defense needs a bonafide playmaker. If Williams is there draft him and then hope CB Rolle, LB Johnson, or DT Wright are still there with that second pick.
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    I do think our needs are greater than RB, and of course JJ could come in and look great. I'd rather take him with the high 2nd, but if he's the BPA with the 1b, I wouldn't be against it. Of course I want to see JJ 1st, and then we have a better idea of our RB situation. The thing is, RB is a power back and could be the 3rd down and/or short yardage guy. He could work in the backfield at the same time with JJ and give us ridiculous virsatility like the Auburn O has.

    I think you're putting too much stock into if he's a starter or not. If he's one of the 3 best in college, then that's what's most important. He'd be the starter at 99% of the schools out there. Plus, I've seen him and CW on the field together a lot of the time, almost like they are co-starters.

    And CW hasn't been better in every year, look up their 02 stats. RB had the better rushing year, and has had a better recieving year every year. He fought some injuries last year. He's had plenty of workload.

    I don't see the comparison the Hambrick. They're both backups? And the backup term has to be used loosley for RB. That's about the only semi-similarity. If you've actually seen much of RB (have you?), you know there's no comaprison.
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    Kind of taking from the thread i started about trading a pick, GBN has Ronnie Brown going 28 to Indy.

    If we can spin one of our firsts into San Diego's 2 firsts I would love to get Brown late in the first and we'd still be able to address a corner and DT issue.

    Then use the second rounder on a WR. Not sure if it would be too early in the beginning of the second round but i really like Lousiville's JR Russell.
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    RONNIE Brown did start. He started half a year as a sophmore when Cad. Williams went down to injury. It's one of the main reasons he is so highly regarded and not a mystery like, say, Priest Holmes when stuck behind Ricky Williams. Sometimes a program has two great players and there's only one ball.

    Ronnie ran for 875 yards (6.1 ypc) and 11 TDs in something like the last six games starting against the heart of the SEC schedule. He finished the year with 1056 yards rushing and 13 TDs and a 6.0 ypc avg. He's big, fast, smart, runs aggressively, great hands, rarely fumbles, blocks well, team guy, leader...why would we want him. He just wouldn't fit in. :D

    But I agree on wanting sure things. Give me Edgerrin James and draft defense. :p :p
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    First, the name is Ronnie.

    Second, as has been stated, Ronnie Brown has started games for Auburn.

    Third, the fact that Auburn has two of the best backs in the country speaks to why Brown isn't starting. You can't just judge Brown because he doesn't start. You have to judge him on the basis of why he isn't starting.

    Fourth, as Parcells says, the fact that someone is not listed as a starter means nothing. He plays and he contributes significantly to the running game as well as the passing game.

    Fifth, it would serve Dallas better over the long run to have two capable backs who can catch out of the backfield, get first downs and wear down defenses than it would to draft a Mike Williams and have him become a non-factor because we don't have a running game.

    Mike Williams will do nothing for the Cowboys if we don't build our running game. That's why I'm all in favor of taking Brown especially if he's there with our second pick.
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    Yes, lets draft for depth with both of our first rounds picks. Pick a RB with the first one and another strong saftey with the second. Have to make sure those two slots are solidified, then we can worry about everything else.

    All the backs in this draft are going to slide. None of them are likely to be great. JJ isn't likely to be great either, but we have already used the pick on him, and hes looking servicable. This isn't a team in which we can afford to draft for depth early, unless there is a special player with that pick. The last special RB who came out of college is in San Diego.

    You try to not draft for need, but I'll almost gurantee we don't take a first day RB this year. When you make up a draft board you have to consider who is on the team. Like Zona isn't good this year, or likely won't finish that strongly, but if they are up lets say 4th and Mike Williams is on the board, they would be total stupid to take him, even if hes the best player available.

    You can't tie multiple high picks into the same postion in this league, especially not a singluar position, ie RB or QB.
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    The age old question: Do you take the BPA (Best Player Available) or do you draft for need.

    Obviously if Mike Williams is on the board when it's Arizona's turn, the Cards don't take him. Why? Because at pick number 4 you assume that there's a player who has the same talent as Williams does at the position you need.

    But let's assume this was a dog of a draft and the Cardinals are sitting there staring Mike Williams in the face. They can easily trade him or their pick if they think they don't need him and would like to get a lesser talent who feels a need in a lower spot.

    I'm not saying Ronnie Brown should be drafted with the Cowboys' highest pick. There are other players at other positions who are just as good as Brown is at his position.

    Besides, this draft is said to be a very weak draft. If there are only six top players (Leinart, Johnson, Rolle, Cadillac Williams, Mike Williams and Ronnie Brown, let's assume) and two of them are running backs and one slips to the Cowboys' second first round pick, why should they not take him?

    I don't want us to reach for a player just for need. Furthermore, I don't want us to bypass a player because we have the position covered on our roster.

    And if the choice is between a Mike Williams and a Ronnie Brown (assuming they both are there with our second pick), I would pick Brown because 1.) a running game is vital to the success of a team and particularly the type of team Parcells wants 2.) if Julius Jones goes down, we can plug in Brown and not miss a beat 3.) a running back like Brown allows an offense to diversify its game strategy. Brown is an excellent receiver out of the backfield. He adds more to the Cowboys offense than Mike Williams would, IMO. Besides, Mike Williams would get squeezed out in the numbers game. Our receiving corp isn't a liability. Our running attack is if Julius Jones doesn't continue to develop or if he sustains an injury.

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