Rush: Snakes & Arrows summer tour

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    Anyone got tickets to go see Rush On their second leg of the S&A tour promoting the new double live CD?

    I believe I wouldn't miss this for the world. Rush performs at Smirnoff Music Center at fair park near the Cotton bowl Friday April 25th.

    Here's the track list from the new CD. Lots of classic and new Rush on this Live set.

    Disc 1:

    01. Limelight
    02. Digital Man
    03. Entre Nous
    04. Mission
    05. Freewill
    06. Monkey Business
    07. Larger Bowl
    08. Secret Touch
    09. Circumstances
    10. Between the Wheels
    11. Dreamline
    12. Far Cry
    13. Workin' Them Angels
    14. Armor and Sword

    Disc 2:

    01. Spindrift
    02. The Way the Wind Blows
    03. Subdivisions
    04. Natural Science
    05. Witch Hunt
    06. Malignant Narcissism - Drum Solo
    07. Hope
    08. Distant Early Warning
    09. The Spirit of Radio
    10. Tom Sawyer
    11. Encore
    12. One Little Victory
    13. A Passage to Bangkok
    14. YYZ

    ...just askin'

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    I saw them several years ago and got super lucky with my seat - second row center. Alex Lifeson threw his pick my way and I missed it and it fell down under hte boards. There were people still looking for it 30mins later.

    Needless to say Rush is unbelievable live. I could do without much of their stuff after Grace Under Pressure though.

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    I saw Rush with Primus several years back in Austin . One of the better shows I've seen .
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    Here's an interesting tidbit I ran across on the web the other day about an up coming Documentary.


    will be the first in-depth look at the history and influence of Rush. It will trace the band’s fascinating musical evolution, from their science fiction-inspired progressive rock of the 70s to their current heavy rock style. Combining new exclusive interviews and performance footage from the 2007 Snakes and Arrows tour as well as material from the band’s massive visual archive, the film will offer Geddy, Alex and Neil’s own perspective on their spectacular achievements. It will also present interviews with musicians influenced by Rush’s music, including members of Metallica, Iron Maiden, Tool, Nirvana, and many others. The documentary is in pre-production with an anticipated release in late 2008.

    The documentary will be directed and produced by Scot McFadyen and Sam Dunn, creators of Metal: A Headbanger’s Journey, which featured interviews with metal icons including Geddy Lee. “Metal” premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2005 and has been released in over 25 countries with DVD sales reaching 200,000 copies. “Metal” has received widespread praise from metal fans and musicians and has garnered rave reviews from press and film festival audiences around the world. Sam and Scot’s follow-up film “Global Metal” will be released in Spring 2008 and explores the globalization of metal music in Japan, China, Indonesia, Israel, Dubai, India and Brazil.

    We are reaching out to Rush fans around the world to collect rare, good quality video/film footage of:

    (A) the band performing live (concerts, TV shows etc.)
    (cool.gif rare interviews with TV stations etc.

    We are especially looking for stuff from the early period of the band's career (70s and early 80s), and from outside of North America. At this time, we are NOT looking for photographs, ticket stubs, tour books, audio recordings etc. ONLY footage and interviews. Do you have anything that could help us? You can be part of telling the definitive Rush story!

    If you have any of this material, please contact researcher Liisa at Of course, any material that we request will be safely stored and returned. Let's see a show of hands!"

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