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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by johnnyd, Apr 7, 2012.

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    I've given some more thought to my trade down draft where I nab an extra 2nd, 3rd for this year and a first for next year. Under this scenario I would do the following with my 6 picks in the first four rounds:

    2a. Kevin Zeitler or Brandon Brooks or Silatolu
    2b. Jared Crick
    3a. Casey Heyward
    3b. Bruce Irvin
    4a. Ryan Broyles or Joe Adams
    4b. Jake Bequette

    Now we get two athletic DE prospects in Crick and Bequette and can release Coleman and Spears. Bequette needs a year in the weight room to beef up but has the length we like and very good feet.

    We get a good CB prospect in case Jenkins leaves next year in FA.

    We get a premier OG prospect without having to waste an impact type pick at #14. We have deferred our first rounder for a shot at a top 10 pick next year in a trade down. I have not drafted a Center because I believe in Kowalski. If Kowalski fails we still have Mackenzie on the roster and Zeitler can play Center, too. I also don't want to crowd the OL too much as I want to give Nagy, Arkin and Killa a chance to develop which will not happen if we draft too many interior OL.

    We get ourselves the slot WR/KR that we covet

    We also have a premier pass rush threat for the nickel defense and future OLB to groom behind Spencer.
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    romo has a 3 year window at this level
    that is our best shot to win it all

    we cant afford to be drafting for next year

    if we trade down it better be for picks this year
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    I am growing on Joe Adams from Arkansas would you agree he is a better ST player? I also agree on the weight rm for Jake B, he has a motor like Jay Rat and gives the same effort in the 4th as he does in the 1st.
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    The Cowboys will still be playing football in 2013 and beyond so there is not good reason for such short sighted thinking. By trading with a bottom 10 team this year we stand a good chance at getting a top 10 pick next year that could be utilized on a young impact player or QB of the future. If we don't get what we want we can use our top pick next year and do a trade forward again until we get what we want. Alternatively, if there is a rare impact player we want we can use both first rounders to trade up if need be.

    The reason to trade forward is you can usually advance a pick a round by doing so. So in the end we are moving our draft picks up .
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    I like Adams' shiftiness as a KR and I think with some coaching he can become an excellent slot WR. His mediocre 40 will probably let him fall into the 4th round for us whereas after the Sr. Bowl I thought he was going to go in the 3rd.

    I also like Bequette - he has a good frame, good feet, some pass rush moves and is very relentless. I think 20 more pounds and he is an ideal penetrating 5 technique DE. This game is becoming more and more a passing league and we need DL who can hunt QBs. We can't waste high picks looking for 325 pound run pluggers (i.e. Brockers) anymore - they just aren't difference makers anymore.
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    would love to have Broyles, or maybe Chris Rainey......add some speed to our team. However, Broyles anywhere before the 4th round would a complete luxury pick on our part as I feel we have to have a OL and DL picks first three....a trade down in 1 could add some flexibility to our strategy though.
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    With these 3, absolutely.
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    I don't think Broyles is a luxury in the 3rd but I'd prefer to wait until the 4th round and hope one of Broyles or Adams is still available.

    We don't have a slot WR type on the roster and it is a big deficiency. We need a small, smart and quick guy who can get open quickly on 3rd down to move the chains. We really miss a guy like this against the blitz. They are matchup nightmares for blitzing teams as you have a hard time covering them 1-on-1 but you also don't want to leave Miles or Dez on an island without help over the top.

    You also have to remember that we probably run 40% of our snaps out of a 3-wr formation so the #3 WR sees the field a lot.
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    We do. Dwayne Harris. He's also tailor made for the slot in this league.

    Broyles would just be too good of a prospect to pass up in the middle rounds.

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