News: Ryan: I Never Gave Our Guys A Chance

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by FLCowboyFan, Oct 31, 2011.

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    It's certainly not all on him. The players still have to execute but I do agree that he let Andy and his staff totally out coach him.

    I do agree that he didn't adjust to anything, ever, in the game and that killed them.

    So, yeah, he's definately going to shoulder a lot of the blame, no one person ever deserves all the blame as he's taking here, because he was completely out coached in this game.

    But the good thing is that he realises he let himself get completely out coached, and embarrassed, and I believe he'll only get better from this and do a better job for the Cowboys the remainder of the way.
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    I think, and I could be wrong here, he's talking specifically about sending Ware so hard upfield, on rushes, and then allowing the Eagles to gash them with that run game right behind the area that Ware had just vacated.

    That play worked over and over, in fact he mentioned it in the piece, and they never did adjust to it. Also something that he admited.
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    They came after Vick but left themselves open to the middle passes and the off-tackle run.
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    He meant with his Safety blitzes. They were burned badly in the first three series by blitzing the safeties. The first touchdown and several of McCoy's long runs were because of holes produced by a blitzing safety.
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    I think it was a combination of being to aggressive and conservative at the same time. We had all out blitzes with the corners playing 10 yards off. That is a recipe for disaster with Philly's quick shifty receivers.
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    He should take responsibility. When a team keeps beating you with the same plays, part of the blame goes to the coach. I didn't really see guys dogging it out there. They were just in over their heads so early in the game that it killed any chance to gain some momentum.
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    This. You keep the Eagles in front of you and wait for them to make a mistake, or get aggressive in the red zone. Bend but don't break with them.

    The mistake in Robs philosophy this game was that he thought the most dangerous threats were going to be against our secondary. The Eagles are most dangerous when attacking out of the backfield, and he had to know that the Eagles were going to expect tons and tons of pressure.

    It would have thrown them for a loop if the Cowboys had've come out vanilla instead of sending Sensabaugh a few times after vick.

    Hindsight 20/20
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    I think the first 14 points were on him but after that i saw so many missed tackles or guys breaking their ankles trying to tackle Vick and McCoy. At some point guys have to be responsible for tackling or covering the guy in front of him. The Cowboys offense couldn’t score and help generate some momentum.

    Tell you what...i was impressed with Vick. Guy was on the money and looked explosive. Why i would not count out the Eagles when other were.
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    Lee didn't execute well (even before he was hurt). That's cool - he's young, still learning, and I think he was unprepared for the speed the Eagles were throwing at us.

    Our other ILBs are incapable of executing well against an Eagles team that's built to challenge them. Complaining that Brooking didn't execute is like complaining he didn't flap his arms and start flying.

    The DL and OLBs, Ware excepted, are just an okay unit. We don't, and won't, get consistent pressure rushing four. Sometimes that's enough - last night, it wasn't.

    Jenkins, Newman and the safeties were almost irrelevant last night, and that was largely the game plan. It's true that the corners didn't execute very well against the screens, but again, I don't think Jenkins will ever be very good at that. I agree that Ryan should have abandoned his original game plan and brought the safeties down. There's a good chance that wouldn't have worked either, and they would have hit the long plays he was trying to avoid. But he should have tried something different.
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    Pretty well stated.

    Also many times the safeties were playing very deep to take away the long pass and then were out of position to help the run defense.
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    I've never understood why we don't get physical with their small WRs. Jackson is smaller than a few HS WRs and Maclin isn't physical at all... Yes let's let the speedsters run free.
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    This is what most coaches do. I still don't know why people hated it so much when Wade did it, because it's nothing unusual. Andy Reid did the same thing just a few weeks ago, saying I have to do a better job. Bill Belichick says we have to do a better job of coaching.

    Even if it's not all coaching -- and it never is -- you take the bullet for them.

    Actually, this is one of the things I don't like about Garrett. When has he ever said this? We've had numerous games the last five years where we absolutely laid an egg on offense, but when does he ever come out and say blame me, I didn't have them prepared and I didn't call a good game? He had to be practically cornered by the local press before he even admitted that disastrous fumble by Choice against the Skins last year was a bad decision.
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    Absolutely right. In fact last week I posted that the thing that scared me most about this game was that we'd come out too aggressive with our blitzes and the Eagles would make us pay with screens and such. And that's exactly what happened.
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    If you go to BTB website, Rafael has a good write up on the big runs that McCoy had against us.

    It looked like our guys were just trying to to get at Vick and McCoy so hard that they did not keep proper gap integrity. How many times did McCoy start one way and have nothing, but then cut back to the other side and have a wide open space. Mangini preached this the week of the game. Keep Philly inside the box and don't let them have any creases or else they will break big plays. Well that is what happened a last night unfortunately.

    Reid used Ryan's aggressiveness and burned him. We keep Brady in check, but Mike Vick lights us up?!
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    he wasn't being 100% honest. tpo say that they had a bad game plan based on the film work they did..........that cant be an honest assessment, to me i think they had a great plan according to the film study, but what happen was that the Eagles didn't play their game based on the film.......they had a lot of different looks and things that they haven't ran yet this year, why not just say that..........?? why not just say, the Eagles had a lot of different looks and plays that we havent seen and we didnt know how to asdjust, or we "failed" to adjust?

    ah.....whatever, i really dont care anymore, I will say that i will always admire a man, coach and/or [player that will step up and "man up" to take it........i have coached kids that fail to ever admit wrong, even when the film shows it the next day.......and i have had kids that will come up to me during the game and say "coach i blew that call. I went to the wrong gap, and that was on me"....or "I didn't fight across the blockers face" or "I didn't do a good enough job getting off my blocks today".....I'll take the one that own it all football and in life!!!!!

    Own it Rob, you trash talking monster you....I hate your trash talking style, but i still appreciate the work you have done so far with this defense and think the world of it, compared to last years efforts.
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    Vick was 18 of 20 between the hash marks. We never made any adjustments. It's also a statement about Methusala and Methusala II (Brooking and James)

    Cut back lanes appeared over and over. Eagles ran counters and used cut backs against the overly aggressive schemes.

    And finally, the pass rush in a word, stunk.
    That might have been the quietest 4 sack game a player has ever had.
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    Boy, that's sickening.
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    There were a lot of missed tackles, no question. Very frustrating. Still, we never adjusted to cover the middle of the field. Vick always had a quick and easy receiver available to go for a quick and easy 10 yards.

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