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    I just found out who this guy was last night.

    One talented man.

    I'm sure I've heard his stuff before but I rarely know who is actually behind the music.

    Anyway, I guess this guy went to harvard at 15 and graduated at 19 with a degree in Government, concentrating in Political Science and Macroeconomics.

    Got into the music business later on and is easily one of the most talented people in the industry. He produces, he sings, he raps and can play like 7 instruments or something crazy. Guitars, drums, trumpets and of course he's an absolute stud on the keys.

    I wish I could post his videos but most aren't site-friendly. Here's one I can post.

    Guess he was like 16 in this video.


    If you're a fan of music, not just rap or hip hop, but a fan of music you should check this guy out. He brings a bunch of different genres into his stuff and makes it sound good. He's got a bunch of videos on YouTube where you get to watch him put together a song from scratch in what seems like a couple of hours.

    One of the coolest videos though is a video where he's on Sirius radio and the host of the show plays Lollipop and he's supposed to spice it up on the piano. It's crazy to see him hone in on the notes and then just light the keyboard on fire.

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