S.I. heart attack patient hounded for $5 insurance co-pay while on gurney

Discussion in 'Political Zone' started by PosterChild, Feb 4, 2008.

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    A Staten Island woman being rushed from her doctor's office to the hospital after a heart attack was hounded for a $5 insurance co-pay while lying on a gurney and breathing through tubes.

    Barbara Antonelli, 76, said she was shocked after a penny-pinching receptionist from Staten Island Physician Practice ran to her as she was being carried to the ambulance.

    "Pardon my diction - it was a lousy $5," said Antonelli, of Dongan Hills, who claimed she had to rustle through her purse for the cash before the ambulance would speed off.

    "You can't even get a book of stamps for that price. I was outraged. It was the most heartless, unthinkable thing to do. They were putting money on top of a person's life." The incident happened Jan. 14 when Antonelli complained of chest pains to her doctor.

    When tests determined the widow had suffered a heart attack, Dr. Jonathan Okum called an ambulance from Richmond University Medical Center.

    The receptionist who didn't want to let Antonelli leave without settling the bill was not named, but her bosses said she will be reprimanded.
    Dr. Jack D'Angelo, associate medical director at Staten Island Physician Practice, chalked it up to the "inappropriate" actions of one employee.
    "When a patient comes into any doctor's office, you have your co-pay and you pay it when you register," said D'Angelo. "In this scenario, it wasn't collected when the patient came into the office, so the employee tried to collect it later. The employee acted inappropriately."

    Antonelli, who recovered from her heart attack, wasn't buying it.
    "This wouldn't have happened if they'd taught the employees," said Antonelli. "They should have known the rules. I could have dropped dead."

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    This would never happen under HillaryCare.
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    It would be worse. You would have to fill out all those forms before you get treated- no matter if you were bleeding or were having a heart attack.
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    They would give you a motrin...at least that seemed to be the first cure all method to use when you went to a military clinic...which IMO is a micro version of what universal health care would be without all of the paperwork.

    That is why I don't see it ever really working the way many would want it to work. It is not the idea that I don't want people to have it who can't afford it...I just see it as making the quality of health care going down.

    Some people say some health care is better than none...until they have to put up with the headaches involved.
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    You can still have the same health care you do now.
    The lowest healthcare available may well suck but it will be very cheap and will serve as a replacement for those with none.

    Higher levels will be available and will be used by virtually everyone with paid health insurance currently.

    There are already states and already jobs(I am forced to take insurance currently) doing this. You leverage a wider coverage base to get lower premiums. It has the same effect as being on the large company plan with a carrier.

    For the 65% or so with non-Medicare or military coverage their insurance will not change at all. In fact they may see for the first time in ions their medical premiums not go up yearly.

    Hillary's plan is a combo plan that is half forced insurance as with car insurance and half reduced cost low level insurance so that the forced insurance is doable.
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    Whaaa whaaa whaaa. :cry2:

    "They're saving my life, but I don't want to cough up a lousy five bucks."

    Sheesh, some people will do anything to save a couple of dollars.

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    While said in jest I think there is a point in there..., if I am dying I am throwing my whole darn wallet at the first medical person to get close to me, lol.
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    Wait till you get treated, then when you are feeling better later you can go back to the hospital and whoop some arse.:laugh2:
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    as soon as I felt better, I'd call and cancel all the cards and lock down the bank account, rofl.
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    So I take it her NEW plan is different than the one that failed so miserably during Bill's time in office ??
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    Don't worry, if Hillary gets her way, you WILL be throwing your wallet at them each and every week for the rest of your natural life.

    Go Hillary! :rolleyes:

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