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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by silverbear, Apr 16, 2012.

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    Writing this one up won't be near as much fun as writing up the cornerbacks was... there's just not much to get worked up about...

    The Boys are often linked to Mark Barron of Alabama in the first, and while that pick doesn't get me excited, it makes some sense... he is the best safety in this draft, he does have some cover ability, and of course the Boys have a need there... if he didn't start as a rookie, at the very least he'd contribute in all of the subpackages...

    After that, there are two third round prospects I kind of like, George Iloka from Boise State or Markelle Martin of Oklahoma State...

    I don't care for any safety currently carrying a mid-round grade, but in the 6th round there's Christian Thompson from South Carolina State, in the 7th round you have Matt Daniels from Duke or Johnny Thomas from Oklahoma... Daniels is one of my pet cats... And after the draft, the Boys might like ultrafast Jerron McMillian from Maine, big DeShawn Shead from Portland State or Brian Peters from Northwestern...
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    I like Tru Johnson as project FS. 6'2 204 and some good speed to go along. Probably a little too big and stiff to play CB in the NFL, but seems like an ideal FS. Just will take a bit of work so we'll still be looking at Poole starting this year.
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    I like Aaron Henry as a pure centerfield FS in the mid-late rounds. He's a converted corner who can play some coverage. He's not going to be a playmaker ballhawk guy, but he's a good athlete (40 inch vert), a smart/high character guy who can quarterback a secondary and isn't going to get you beat making stupid mistakes.
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    :eek: :eek: :eek:

    can we get 2 of those?
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    I like Henry too. Seems like a good, reliable player.

    I also like Brandon Taylor, though he needs some coaching up
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    I like Chris Banjo from SMU as a 7th or UFA. High character guy with big motor. Smart player. Team captain. Earned a starting Safety spot in his Freshman year. As a Sophomore, he became the first SMU player to be given the #23, after head coach June Jones decided that a deserving student-athlete would the number to honor Jerry LeVias. When Jason Garrett talks about "the right kind of guy", this is who he is talking about.

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