News: SA: Cowboys rookie running back tried not to be a ‘flash player’

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by CCBoy, Sep 3, 2011.

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    Cowboys rookie running back tried not to be a ‘flash player’
    Posted on 09/02/2011 by torsborn

    MIAMI – Phillip Tanner seems to be a safe bet to make the team after Jerry Jones said after Thursday’s night’s preseason finale that the undrafted rookie running back had done enough to earn a spot on the 53-man roster.

    But things could change before the Cowboys’ announce their final cuts Saturday afternoon. Carrying four running backs – Felix Jones, rookie DeMarco Murray, Tashard Choice and Tanner – would mean the Cowboys would have to trim from another position.

    “That’s what happens at the end of the roster — you end up going long in some places and going short in others,” Jones said. “Going long at a position is a good thing; it also complicates things a little bit.”...
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    Tashard definitely had a little more EXPLOSIVENESS going into the middle or running outside than young Tanner (and I really do like Tanner). Tanner definitely outplayed Lonyae Miller who completely surprised me with his poor play and awareness this preseason. I'm also hoping that JG uses Demarco Murray like the Vikes use Percy Harvin. Demarco's speed and elusiveness in open space against single coverage should definitely be an asset this season with Felix manning the starting RB position.

    Off-Topic: I liked your recent Troy Aikman comparative post whereas everyone was bashing it. It was an excellent read and made some valid me. While Troy's comments were made in Aug (if I remember correctly), the Boys have basically remade their O-Line and we have basically broken up the core of our team in the past two years. So, I'm not quite SURE what TA was saying when it was obvious that JG was going to have competition at every position beginning this season anyway. Troy has taken every opportunity to bash the Boys when presented. I just wish he'd come to the point and really say what he thinks and not 'code' it in anyway.
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    Idk that I'd agree about Choice being more explosive. Maybe in terms of big plays, but when a hole opens up, Tanner hits it hard. And he's explosive when he finishes runs to pick up a few extra yards.
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    Tanner looked every bit as explosive as Choice IMO, perhaps more so...
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    You have a good eye, as to developments and actually attempt to be objective in arriving at an assessment.

    Thanks for your kind words on my posting. It had a place...and took aim at not seeing through source and stereotype when confronting and seeking redress for change. Not always is change a constructive element. There is always a trade off, and when those real and functional aspects are disregarded...then chaos enters a picture and clouds it.

    As to truth, target on. Even a fool can identify those elements, that are all real. And only foolishness hides that, or if a positive, protects the emotions and strength of another. In that comparison, Troy Aikman has doned the cloak of the media. As such, hiding and illusion just isn't the course of ethics.

    Troy missed two elements in allowing a negative fog to develop around his own statements. He should have immediately cleared those clouds up. As you observed.

    First, for better or worse, leadership issues start and end around Jason Garrett in the now and present. They will work from him, and not the creation of a championship atmosphere around Tony Romo.

    Troy missed that fact, as well as a direct link in seasonal totals by Tony Romo himself. I pointed to that strength. That Tony has two of the top five seasonal totals for a passer, in all of Dallas Cowboy history. His functional role has nothing to do with discussions involving Hall of Fame, and after an injury season...even comparison of Pro Bowl qualities. But his baseline skillset marries up with both Roger Staubach as well as Troy himself. There may be some pride and jealousy involved there as well. That wasn't my quarry.

    The top shelf potential for Tony Romo will be on display this and the next two at Dallas. His merit for other considerations will arise from these. But as to accountable for team successes, he is a strong working piece. But those will now rest upon Jason Garrett.
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    I think that their respective styles, Tanner vs Choice, are somewhat different. But they both contain an explosiveness through holes and in space.

    Myself, I love the ability to finish past the line of scrimmage by Tanner. He also has a skillsset to set up tacklers, evade, as well as a finishing power to misdirect a tackler's momentum dangers. He is a strong finisher. And as observed, explosive nature with that ability.

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