News: SA: Defense looking good heading into opener

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    Defense looking good heading into opener
    By Tom Orsborn

    IRVING — An injury limited Jason Hatcher's participation in the preseason, but the Dallas Cowboys defensive end played enough to realize good times could be in store for him and his fellow pass rushers.

    “It felt totally different from last year,” Hatcher said after notching a sack in a win over St. Louis. “You get to the quarterback, and you can usually kind of see him getting ready to throw it. But Sam Bradford, he was just panicking.”

    The source of Bradford's anxiety could be found downfield in the form of the most ballyhooed additions to the Cowboys: cornerbacks Brandon Carr and Morris Claiborne. With the duo blanketing his receivers, Bradford was an easy target in the pocket and was sacked twice.

    That's exactly what Dallas envisioned when it signed Carr to a five-year, $50.1 million contract in free agency and traded up eight spots in the draft to select Claiborne sixth overall...

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    Another of the Cowboy's front 7 extolling the virtues of having better the secondary provide better coverag.
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    That extra half second does matter !!! jamming the receivers and disturbing the timing will help making QB to hold the ball longer and the D-line can get there.

    Of course , the LBs have to cover the flat , look for dump offs to RBs and TEs.
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    Yep. It's great to hear.

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