SA:Garrett the man in Dallas war room

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    Garrett the man in Dallas war room
    Jones says he'll yield more control now than with any other coach.
    By Tom Orsborn
    IRVING — Jason Garrett's fingerprints will be all over the Dallas Cowboys' 2011 NFL draft class.

    “He'll have a very significant influence relative to what player we end up with,” Jerry Jones said of Garrett, who guided the Cowboys to a 5-3 record last season after they started 1-7 under Wade Phillips.

    “He'll have an influence, but he will have done it more than any coach that I have seen.”

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    I <3 Jason Garrett.
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    It's also been mentioned by Jerry and many others that Jason highly values the scouts evaluations and puts a lot of stock into what they say. Very good thing IMO.

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