News: SA: Novacek salutes sport's roots

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    Novacek salutes sport's roots
    By Tom Orsborn

    Jay Novacek has a unique view regarding the portion of the NFL labor talks that will impact his life.

    The former Dallas Cowboys Pro Bowl tight end is happy to hear the new collective bargaining agreement will reportedly include between $900 million and $1 billion in improvements to benefits for retirees, but he doesn't exhibit a deep sense of entitlement like some former players.

    “Here's how I feel about that, and I'm probably different than a lot of people: When we played the game, we knew what we were getting into,” Novacek said.

    “Is it a great gesture for (NFL owners) to do that? Should there be more? Yeah, there probably should. But we'd all still play the game for the same amount, for the same type of (benefits).”...

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