News: SA: Pass defense an area of concern for Cowboys heading into final month

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by CCBoy, Nov 29, 2011.

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    Pass defense an area of concern for Cowboys heading into final month
    Posted on 11/27/2011 by torsborn

    As the regular season heads into its final full month, there’s a lot to like about the Dallas Cowboys.

    They won back-to-back nail biters in the span of five days to extend their winning streak to four games and gain sole possession of first in the NFC East with a 7-4 record. They’ve got a clutch kicker in undrafted rookie Dan Bailey, who has made 26 straight field goals, including consecutive game winners, one of which came in overtime. They’ve got a workhorse running back in third-round rookie DeMarco Murray, who iced the OT win over Miami on Thanksgiving with 27 tough fourth-quarter yards on five carries. They’ve got a red-zone threat in wide receiver Laurent Robinson, who has caught seven TD passes over five games.

    What they don’t have, though, is a secondary that can be trusted....
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    Getting Jenkins back and playing with Newman and Scandrick I think will be a big improvement. These guys have not played many games with each other since 1 and at time 2 of them have misses games. If we can get this group together for the remainder of the season then I think we will see a turn around in the secondary
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    Jenkins will help, but when I saw Drew Brees torch the Giants last night I couldn't help but feel like he would do the same to the Cowboys. Rodgers too. When your secondary makes Rex Grossman look like a good QB, you've got problems with or without Jenkins.

    Hopefully they will get better because if they don't, we won't last long even if we win the division.

    We need a huge pass rush, and we need it consistently. Kind of like what the Ravens did to Alex Smith on Thanksgiving.
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    I don't see how one guy is going to change our pass defense that drastically. I am greatly concerned about our pass coverage. Especially our safeties. Where are they when our corners are getting abused? What about the linebackers in the short passing game? Besides Sean Lee, who else do we have who can make plays on the ball? I need to see the young guys in the mix these next 5 games. Brady and Keith can't cut it during the playoffs.
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    Yup, or what the Broncos did to Rivers this past weekend. Or what the Giants did to Tom Brady in the SB in 2007. Or what the Vikings did to Tony Romo in 2009. Or what the 1985 Bears did to everybody not named Marino. Just caved in the pocket every time.

    We need pocket cavers. If we get that, we can beat anybody with our current secondary.
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    We need Sensi to be at speed. I expect Ryan to start bringing a little more pressure at times.
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    Swapping out a dime back for a CB capable of playing at a probowl level is a *huge* difference.

    And, of course, the more pass-rush, the better. That goes without saying.
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    Are we no longer worried about the run defense? That's a bigger concern for me.
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    Jenkins, Newman and Scandrick will be an improvement... F.Y.I. I sure hope Newman has a better game than he did last week, that deep ball TD he gave up was BRUTAL!
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