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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Leadbelly, Apr 30, 2012.

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    I went hunting around for info on Saalim Hakim when I heard he was Az Hakim's brother and he ran a 4.22. Not a lot out there, but I found a few interesting things...

    6'1" / 190 and hand-timed at 4.22/4.23 at a pro day and 20 on the bench.

    According to Tarleton's website, he didn't play football until his Freshman year at Junior College. Played soccer in HS.

    He's been listed as an UDFA from Tarleton St. He declared last year but screwed up sending in his paperwork and missed the NFL deadline for declaring. So he went to play in the UFL in 2011.

    He played for the Las Vegas Locomotives (Locos) in the UFL. Head Coach of the Locos is Jim Fassel. Who was the head coach for the Giants when Garrett was there? Jim Fassel. Reminiscent of the Norv and Laurent Robinson situation, though with a far less ready player.

    The Locos are also owned (partly) by someone named Rob Ryan. But it's not our Lebowski. It's a different Lebowski. Just a weird coincidence.

    Limited opportunity in the UFL. There are only 4 teams in the league. Lack of funds forced them to shorten their season to 4 or 5 games I think.

    He was also a special teams gunner for the Locos.

    Hakim is bleepin' fast. Not just straight-line fast. He's bleepity bleepin' fast going in and out of his cuts. He shows an ability to reach full speed almost immediately and chews up the CBs cushion. He can stop on a dime and start up again. And he seems to have hands for WR (rather than Newman hands) and fine body control. I'm just going off highlight videos, so maybe the hands aren't there fulltime.

    The QBs he's been playing with can't throw far enough or accurate enough to take advantage of Hakim's separation. If he ever figures it out, his ceiling is enormous.

    If you haven't looked him up on Youtube already, here he is as a Sophomore, having played football all of 1 year at Palomar JC...


    He's limited to a couple routes. Now, here's a video of his work with the Locos 2 years later...


    Clear improvement on his routes, adjustment to the ball, getting a clear release from the line, etc. The guy runs like a shifty 5'9" guy...except he's 6'1" and 190. Kind of shocked he's not a returner. We'll see what he does against other world class athletes, but he might breakout in training camp.

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    lol wow, great research... I love how he was literally getting to the return man the second the ball got there... Wow... This guy may do wonders for us playing special teams and who knows... maybe he'll be our Victor Cruz breakout type player?
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    He definitely gets down the field fast on those punt coverage units.

    He is pretty strong for a WR - 20 reps on the bench is impressive.

    He definitely has long speed.

    He toys around with those DBs on the drills but I"m not sure what their ability level is. I'll say that none of them even come close to covering him. He runs by all of them easily on any deep balls. He seems to do a good job of catching the ball on the shorter throws including some of the ones which were contested which gives me some hope that he might be able to play WR.

    You certainly have to like the bloodlines - his brother was a very good WR for the Rams back in the day. That was a long time ago - quite the age gap between the two of them.

    I think he will be a good candidate for the PS to keep working on his skills given how green he is and the athletic ability he has. He could take Teddy Williams' spot.
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    He sort of looks like S. Moss.
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    The big question is did he ever return punts? You would think with his physical abilities he would have and his brother was very good at it too. But I've haven't seen anything.
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    I like the churn of WR talent we've seen the past few years since Robinson has been here. Not sure if he is the reason but I don't remember seeing it before. I really like the competition at the position going into training camp.
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    Super post thanks OP.

    I can hardly wait for minicamp this weekend. Every year there are a couple of "wow" UDFAs that stick out immediately even to reporters eyes. Church was one a few years ago. Can't wait for Robinson to coach this guy up.

    You wonder about his commitment to the game since he's a late starter etc. ... Take a flyer on the guy anyway.
  8. CATCH17

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    Yeah I saw this guy yesterday and was like WOWZA.

    The fact he played Soccer will benefit him as a slot receiver because he'll know how to make himself available in space.

    Plus he makes some sick catches in this vid.

    Im excited about a lot of these guys. I haven't been this anxious to see mid round picks and udfa in a long time.
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    Same here, bro. Same here.
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    You can't teach SPEED.

    let's hope he knows how use it. He maybe a great slot WR since CB can't jam him.

    We'll see when he plays against some elite talent. Ogletree is a speedster too but that didn't mean very much.
  11. JPostSam

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    nice find!

    gonna be an interesting training camp, that's for sure!
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    Now trade him to the Raidas for a first rounder! :lmao2:
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    i think with him, radaway, and teddy we could challenge the raiders for the nfl track championship
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    Make it happen. Those suckers.
  15. jobberone

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    He needs a lot of work. Lots but he is quick and fast. Hard to say much with the talent that's trying to cover him. He's doing a lot with just athleticism. When he learns routes and economy of motion he may be a handful. My guess is he'll make an occasional wow play in camp and do well on STs. He may be able to stick around on the PS for a year if we can keep him there. Hard to hide speed on the PS.

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