Saban impressed with?

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Nors, Jan 25, 2005.

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    NCAA | Saban Pleased With Spears' Practice Session - from
    Tue, 25 Jan 2005 18:53:53 -0800

    Miami Dolphins head coach Nick Saban said he was "impressed" with LSU DL Marcus Spears during Senior Bowl practice Monday, Jan. 24, reports

    NCAA | Saban Pleased With Clayton's Practice Session - from
    Tue, 25 Jan 2005 18:53:06 -0800

    Miami Dolphins head coach Nick Saban said he was "impressed" with Oklahoma WR Mark Clayton during Senior Bowl practice Tuesday, Jan. 25, reports

    After what I saw today - Clayton is steal of this draft.....
  2. Avery

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    Clayton's undersized, but he's electric after the catch. He might be the 3rd WR off the board when all is said and done.
  3. Q_the_man

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    If Saban is so impressed with Spears, he should trade down and gain a couple extra picks and draft Spears, since he did coach him.

    Miami has options, go hard after Hasselbach and grab weapons in the draft, WRs, RBs and beefing up on the Dline, because I don't think there a true top 10 QB in the draft....

    Or they can give Feely a chance to have a 2nd year of training with a few Wideouts ...

    Meaning if I was Miami, I would trade down maybe gaining an extra 1st next year and a 2nd this year.....Drafting......

    1st- Spears
    2a- WR- Clayton
    2b-RB- J.J. Arlington

    Go after a WR via FA- Buress or Dyson (if released)

    Therefore if Feely does not work out this season, they will have 2 first next season to go after Leinart or Young or another top propect QB next season. Who I think has more upside than Smith and Rodgers in this years draft.
  4. Rush 2112

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    Did you just mention Young in the same breath as Leinart?
  5. InmanRoshi

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    So Spears really showed Saban something in the Senior Bowl practices that he hadn't seen in the 4 years he coached him?
  6. Portland Fanatic

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    Actually I hope we seriously look at Spears with #20...he is an IDEAL 3-4 DE.
  7. lkelly

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    His haul from boosters?

  8. Q_the_man

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    I don't know about u but vince young is a top 5 pick next year...
  9. Yakuza Rich

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    Screw that, take him at #11 instead. That's where I have the Cowboys taking him in my first mock.

    Parcells did seem to regret passing up on Kevin Williams 2 years ago. Spears sort of fits the mold. Parcells may not want to pass up on him again.


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