News: SacBee: Ryan says Eagles jab meant to show belief in Cowboys

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    Ryan says Eagles jab meant to show belief in Cowboys

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    IRVING, Texas -- Dallas Cowboys defensive coordinator Rob Ryan said Friday he was simply trying to say how much he believes in his defenders when he stirred up the Philadelphia Eagles during training camp.

    "That other deal was unfortunate," Ryan said. "I thought that it was provoked by the media. I'm an emotional guy. Who are we kidding? I'm not some guy (who) just can handle coach-speak and be boring. I'm going to be emotional at times, and unfortunately that was one of my times, and I found out everybody listens in this town, which is good, unlike Cleveland. So I got in a little trouble there.

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    This teams Spirit, Confidence and drive is 100% behind coach Ryan. We got RR's back, we can walk the walk. Somethings diffrent about this team this year and today they will show it...Go Cowboys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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