Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by dal0789, Nov 3, 2005.

  1. dal0789

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    Can someone tell me how many times Drew Bledsoe has been sacked compared to the sametime last year?
  2. drew97

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    Last year with Buffalo Bledsoe was sacked 24 times going into week 9 and so far this year he has been sacked 20 times
  3. JDSmith

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    Last year after 8 games he'd been sacked 24 times in 245 pass plays - or once every 10.3 times he dropped back to pass. This year he's been sacked 20 times in 264 pass plays - or once every 13.2 times he drops back to pass. So he's being sacked roughly 30% less this year than last year at the halfway point.
  4. Cowboy Junkie

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    I am shocked that he has been sacked that much.
    At that rate he will be sacked 40 times.
    If I were guessing I would have thought he was sacked only 10-12 times.
  5. JDSmith

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    He's dropping back to pass 33 times per game and we've got a rookie RT, a replacement LT and a RG who was coming off of back surgery. Add in Drew's tendency to stand there and wait for someone to come open and you get a lot of sacks.
  6. Eddie

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    He's gotten racked quite a few times this year ... Seattle got us 4 times. The Niners got us 5 times. I think the Giants got us 3 times. I think the Raiders got us 4-5 times.

    So while we praise the OL play ... Bledsoe has taken some nifty shots.
  7. lane

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    one of the things that makes drew great is he is one tough sob.

    i've heard some defensive players around the league say he is one of, if not the hardest qb's to bring down. he's big and bad man.

    go drew!!!!
  8. Bob Sacamano

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    hey, if in the 2nd half Drew passes for a 97 efficiency rating, and our team goes 5-3, Drew could get sacked 100 times this year, and I wouldn't care ;)

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