News: SAE: Garrett thinks Romo can change his ways

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    Garrett thinks Romo can change his waysCowboys coach insists 31-year-old can learn to stop taking risks.
    By Tom Orsborn

    IRVING — There's a school of thought among Tony Romo's many critics that he's just too old to give up his gambling ways and become a smarter, more cautious quarterback.

    Jason Garrett isn't buying it.

    “Regardless of what point you get to in your career, you're going to learn,” the Dallas Cowboys coach said. “You better keep learning or you better get out of the game. I played next to a Hall of Fame quarterback in this organization for a long time, and each and every day, he came in to learn and get better.

    “That's what the best ones do in football and do in life. I expect Tony to continue to do that.”

    Perhaps. But Romo, 31, isn't Troy Aikman. And his latest meltdown doesn't bode well for a makeover.

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