News: SAEN: Claiborne will be on sideline again Saturday night

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    The Dallas Cowboys will be without cornerback Morris Claiborne for the third straight game Saturday night, when they play the Houston Texans in the dress rehearsal for the regular season.

    Coach Jason Garrett ruled Claiborne out on Thursday before the Cowboys held a late practice at AT&T Stadium in Arlington. Claiborne has missed the last two weeks of practice and the last two preseason games with knee tendinitis.

    “He ran again today and did some good work and some change-of-direction work,” Garrett said at a news conference. “He is making progress each and every day, and it is important that he does… Hopefully, he can get back on the practice field sometime next week.”

    On Wednesday, after Claiborne did some running for the first time since he was sidelined, Garrett suggested the second-year pro from LSU could play Aug. 29 against Houston even thought starters typically sit out the preseason finale.

    The starters are expected to play at least a half against the Bengals. Dallas hosts the New York Giants on Sept. 8 in the regular season opener.

    “We’ll just see where he is physically,” Garrett said. “He needs to practice; he needs to play. But then you say, ‘OK, he’s not healthy enough to do that. What’s our next best alternative?’ You maybe go into a game where he hasn’t had as much work as you’d like him to have. That’s just part of our game. You’ve got to make it work.”

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    I am fine with this, even if he is 100%....sit all of the starters for all I care....I just want ZERO injuries of any kind following this game
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    Yep. Just don't lose players before the season starts.
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    I approve of this post.
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    Thought we were playing the Bengals?
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    Rex Ryan would play him!


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