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News: SAEN: Lee, not Jones, struck the right tone after 51-48 loss to Denver

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by NewsBot, Oct 7, 2013.

  1. NewsBot

    NewsBot New Member

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    ARLINGTON – When it came to finding the right thing to say after Sunday’s 51-48 loss to Denver, Sean Lee nailed it.

    “We all know what kind of team Denver is,” Jones said in the locker room Sunday. “If we play like that, then we’ll be right there at the end and we’re going to win a lot, if not all the rest of our games. I’m really so proud because I have so much respect for Denver.”

    Nice try, but if the Cowboys continue to play like this, they are going to lose a lot of games. Putting the burden on Tony Romo to win with his arm is a recipe for disaster. And there will be no winning if the defense continues to give up yards in massive chunks. Over the last two games, Monte Kiffin’s crew has surrendered 81 points, 1,023 yards, 61 first downs and has failed to protect double-digit leads in the first half of each game.

    The person who struck the right tone in the locker room was Lee.

    “We were just terrible, no way around it,” Lee said with disgust. “Fifty-one points – unbelievable.”

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  2. Eddie

    Eddie Well-Known Member

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    There are no moral victories.

    Peyton lights up EVERY Defense.

    We were no exception.

    We should have won this.
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  3. lostar2009

    lostar2009 Well-Known Member

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    We would have most likely if Romo didn't throw the int. In the end this game was about who would make the last mistake. And that was Romo. We can all say what we wish about the D but the broncos D was getting killed like wise.
    In the end we should have slow the game down to utilize all 3 timeouts plus the 2 minute warning. But what did we do ? Play the last 2 minutes like a shootout. I guess the team forgot 3 points could have won the game. Murray should have been Romo #1 weapon during that stretch.
  4. gdoggy

    gdoggy New Member

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    Exactly-they were so caught up with the shootout with Peyton Manning no one paid attention to clck time/situation.

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