Saints @ 49ers

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by Cowboys&LakersFan, Jan 14, 2012.

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    Exactly what I was thinking. Props to the 49ers. I hate them, but they was aggressive and made the big plays. Garrett no doubt would of kicked a field goal!
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    Tough couple of weeks for Louisiana football...
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    The difference is that Harbaugh has faith in his OL, whereas Garrett does not. And if Smith had been sacked and fumbled, or thrown a pick, Harbaugh would most likely have been criticized for it.

    That said, I agree with going for the TD, and I thought the same thing you did at the time.
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    Alex Smith is still Alex Smith...a good QB they could win a SB with who has never lived up to being the #1 overall pick.

    However, those last two td's to answer the Saints were not just about defenses collapsing...he threw some great passes and proved that in his first playoff game the moment was not too big for him.

    I was pulling for NO, but I'm happy for Smith after all he's been through in his 7 year career. This 4th quarter was a huge performance for him.
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    Is there anything else that matters?

    Obviously the results are a product of all the things that we don't see.

    Because we don't see enough and aren't involved enough with EITHER team, we can't say that one coach is better than the other?

    Do we really need to bull**** around and identify specifics that can't be identified from our perspective to come to the conclusion that Harbaugh has coached better than Garrett?

    Is Bill B. a better coach than Jason? Now tell me why?

    Get out of here with that. It's completely ridiculous to expect anyone to identify constituent parts of things from another team that they can't reasonably identify from things of their favorite team.

    Here's a question.

    Who has the better QB, Dallas or SF?

    Who has better RBs, Dallas or SF?

    Who has better WRs, Dallas or SF?

    Who has a better TEs, Dallas or SF?

    Now, why did SF score more than Dallas?
  7. Chuck 54

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    Not many QB's can throw a hail Mary 85 yards.
  8. Romo_To_Dez

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    Saints had No Defense

    LSU No Offense

  9. yimyammer

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    The problem here is your answering the question you want to answer, not the one I'm asking. You think I'm defending Garrett, I'm not, my question isn't about Garrett vs Harbough.

    I'm seriously curious to know what Harbough has done to make the drastic turnaround that occurred in SF.

    That's all I'm asking, comprende? It's ok if you dont know, the question is open to anyone.
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    Our problem? We have Jerry :bang2:
  11. Hoofbite

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    How can anyone know?

    You're asking a question that can't be answered.

    What is it that Belichick does that Garrett doesn't that has won him multiple SBs?

    Nobody here knows, but it doesn't matter because we all know damn well that Bill is miles above Garrett.
  12. Cowboys&LakersFan

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    Missed the last quarter of the game because I went to the Monster Mash in San Antonio can someone tell me what the hell happened?
  13. yimyammer

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    I think it can be answered to some degree, just maybe not by anyone here, certainly not me. I could speculate, but I'm not sure how accurate I would be. I would think Gm's have an idea of what to look for in a coach and try to identify certain traits and skill sets that tend to be successful, otherwise what are they doing? Throwing darts at pictures on a wall?

    From what I've read about Belichick is that for one, he's got a wealth of experience. His dad was a coach and showed him how to watch film at age 5. He's spent a lifetime contemplating the fine nuances of the game. I think he understands both offenses and defenses extremely well. He thinks outside of the box in the way he analyzes the game with his sidekick Ernie Adams. I think he was one of the first coaches to realize there is not a statistical benefit to punting once you get inside the opponents 35 yard line. He seems to understand the value of players as it relates to the cap and the need to churn a roster for a variety of reasons and when possible settling for draft picks and perhaps lesser talent with higher ceilings and lower salaries vs keeping older veterans on the roster for long term, expensive, cap crippling contracts that can hamstring the team going forward if their play drops off or they get injured (as they tend to be more susceptible to the longer they play). These are just a few things that come to mind and I don't believe I'm that far off base if at all.

    It seems like you think I'm looking for an argument but I can assure you all I am trying to do is have a discussion about what Harbough brings to the table, even if its merely speculation on both our parts. I was also hoping someone who may have played for a great coach might chime in and tell us what traits he felt were valuable.
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    you missed one of the greatest playoff finishes of all time.

    watch replays online on
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    They kicked more FGs? Is that the answer? Dallas scored more TDs(33 passing, 5 rushing, 38 total) than San Francisco(18 passing, 14 rushing, 32 total). David Akers set a record for most FGs this season. His 44 FGM is more than Baily's 32 FGM, which is the main difference between the 49ers 380 points scored and the Cowboys 369 points scored. And that is a significant amount of field goals made. Cincy and Miami tied for second in the league with 33 fields goals made.

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