Saints owner Benson would sue league if Payton leaves for Dallas

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by FiveRings, Dec 7, 2012.

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    Veeeeery interesting.
  2. Dhragon

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    I also believe this is just Payton using the Cowboys to up the ante on his payday. As long as the Saints owner is willing to come even close to what another team is offering, they keep him I'm sure (doubt it even gets to that stage though - just the threat of competition will surely get the Saints to increase his cash flow.)

    Our only hope is that the Saints are cheapskates and won't come near what Jerry would offer him. Of course, Jerry being Jerry, he might not even be truly considering bringing Payton back and is still happily aboard the Garrett train.
  3. Hoofbite

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    Why was the contract voided in the first place?
  4. Hostile

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    Holy cow man. The GM in New Orleans is in so deep with him that he wrote into his contract that if he leaves he can take Payton with him. That is the clause the NFL voided. Mickey Loomis is not going anywhere and Payton is entrenched there. There was never any way he was leaving. The Saints already plan to argue that they are owed a year in lieu of this year which they are contracted to him for but are not receiving. His agent just recently received permission from the NFL to renegotiate the deal. Why would he seek permission if that was not in their plans?

    All of this is in news reports and quite easy to interpret. You're holding out hope for the Easter Bunny to come in Santa's sleigh bringing the Tooth Fairy's money for missing teeth.
  5. Hostile

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    See my post directly above this one and below your question.
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    Agreed. You don't come out with a statement that severe unless there's actually something there.
  7. Hostile

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    I would think we are making a "good mistake." I have absolute confidence in Sean Payton. That isn't an issue. I honestly do believe Jason Garrett will in the near future be as good or better. I have my reasons for this.
  8. Hostile

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    One correction, the NFL voided Payton's extension. He was still under contract for this year, but was suspended without pay. That is why the Saints believe they are owed at least 1 more year, because this year was taken from them.
  9. Chocolate Lab

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    Of course Benson is scared. He knows there's a good reason Payton hasn't already signed that extension.
  10. Doomsay

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    Hopefully, the building media hunt in NOLA will induce more inflammatory statements (real or otherwise) and poison the water there, compelling Sean to leave town for......
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    Fair enough.

    As far as my opinion is concerned, I still don't believe Garrett is the Offensive Coordinator that 2007 had most believing. I honestly believe a lot of the success was inspite of him and not because of him. Having said that, I also believe he has the make up of a good Head Coach...I just wish they would hire an OC w/a West Coast background. Granted, the Cowboys offense does not have all the ideal pieces with this current roster, particularly the offensive line, for that type of offense, but I do think Romo would be a better fit in that philosophy.
  12. Aven8

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    Please come here Sean. We need you.

    I new after the win last week everybody would start thinking false hopes again. This organization needs a leader in the worst way.
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    Just like you can't be fined for going over the salary cap when there isn't a salary cap! They'll make up something to hurt the Cowboys, they always do.
  14. Vanilla2

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    I thought Payton could have no contact with the organization during his suspension.

    Wouldn't that include negotiating and signing a contract?

    Denim and hostile are correct.

    The name Dallas Cowboys is being thrown out there as leverage and its not the first time that's been done.

    I can't believe you all are falling for it.

    IMO it's a looooong shot for Payton to be coaching anywhere but NO next year.
  15. tantrix1969

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    coulda sworn I saw an article that said Payton has had permission(or maybe it was his agent had the permission) to talk with Saints on his contract for couple months now
  16. Blitzen32

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    Doesn't make sense at all. Garrett's offenses has been playing well for much longer than just 2007. Heck, they won the division and a playoff game two seasons later, and Garrett was able to keep the offense intact when Romo went down the year after.

    Garrett is becoming an excellent coach before our eyes. If anything, the defense has been a let-down in various seasons after '07, and I can't put that on Garrett at all.
  17. CATCH17

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    You're high.
  18. Blitzen32

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    The "good reason" is to become the highest paid coach of all time.

    Benson is going to have to shell out $7+ million to keep his coach, and Payton is more aware of this than anyone on the planet.

    I doubt Benson wants to see paper bags in the stands ever again. He'll get the deal done.
  19. weaver21

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    To be fair, when given a solid running game and offensive line, Garrett has produced top 10 offenses (2007, 2009, 2010 and 11th last season). But he does have questionable playcalling skills at times and obviously his clock issues as a head coach have been a major issue. But there's no question Garrett can produce a explosive offense given the right tools.
  20. Blitzen32

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    Excellent post, my friend. Good to see that some people here understand the game.

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