Saints planning a permanent move to San Antonio?

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by Jon, Sep 4, 2005.

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    Saints to move?

    By Robert Travis Scott
    Capital bureau

    New Orleans Saints owner Tom Benson is leaning strongly toward moving the Saints permanently to San Antonio following the devastation to the city and the Superdome by Hurricane Katrina, a state senator who has spoken with a top team official said Saturday.

    Sen. Mike Michot, R-Lafayette, said he spoke with Saints’ chief of administration Arnold Fielkow by phone Friday morning about Benson’s potential plans.

    Team officials could not be reached Saturday. The team had previously announced it was looking for a new home for the current season, and San Antonio was one of the options.

    Michot said he was told that Benson has not made a final decision, but the owner is serious about moving once and for all to San Antonio. “We may lose them permanently,” Michot said.

    A possible move by the team is a “huge concern” among a few state officials who have become aware of it, but every significant political figure in the state is preoccupied with reacting to the storm aftermath.

    State officials want to convince Benson to delay a decision so that the state can focus on the rescue and rehabilitation effort and later find a way to keep the Saints at home in New Orleans.

    “This is like pouring salt into the wound,” Michot said.

    Michot said decency dictates that Benson should postpone any decision on a permanent move until state officials have had a chance to talk with him. “Give us time,” Michot said.

    Another state official confirmed a similar conversation with Fielkow.

    Michot is the vice-chairman of the Senate Commerce Committee, a key committee for legislation related to state agreement with the Saints.
    He said that in the long run the Saints might be better off staying in New Orleans because a revived city with national support could provide a better stadium.
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    That be something else....I'm all for it.
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    Wow! 3 Texas NFL teams- Nice
  4. CliffnMesquite

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    San Antonio? Have to change the name though. ;)
  5. big dog cowboy

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    I don't give a flip either way. But I do know this is the wrong time to be talking about something like that.

    “This is like pouring salt into the wound,” Michot said.

    You can believe that.
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    This has been rumored for many years now. Benson is a San Antonio guy. His car dealerships litter San Antonio. I don't think it's salt in the wounds, it's just practical. He can't support them out of Baton Rouge, and folks in New Orleans need to face the facts. Their city will never be the same. It's going to be interesting to see the population and demographic numbers of New Orleans after they "officially" rebuild.
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    One other thing to consider....although I have no doubt Benson wanted to move anyways, and that he is doing it for his own gain or reasons.

    The money that would be used to fix or upgrade the Superdome in NOLA would be better spent in other areas when they rebuild that city.

    I am sure they will clean or repair it anyways but it could be something that is done later instead of spending the money on it they could spend money on other more important areas.

    Money spent for football is the last thing that town needs to spend money on right now.
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    I don't know if I agree NO will never be the same, but I agree there's definitely no short term solution. I'd say on Benson's part it's just a realization that the money will be needed for many other things besides a new stadium, something he's been trying to get for years.

    Even if they were to be able to to tough it out this year in another city and come back to NO next year, how many people are going to have the disposable income for football tickets?

    San Antonio seems to be like a good fit. They would not even have to change the name. San Antonio = St. Anthony. Maybe the San Antonio Saint. :rolleyes:
  9. Garland powerplay

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    This would break the hearts of people in NO. I know people who use to have season tickets.
  10. trickblue

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    The City of NO has a hard time supporting the team monetarily...

    Benson has wanted to move to SA for years, but it is solid Cowboy country...

    He should take them to LA as the NFL wants a team there, and they have a history with LA being they were in the old NFC West with the Rams...

    That being said, it would be a shame as it is one of the best mascots names in the NFL...
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    According to a thread that has been moved elsewhere in the last few minutes, Tom Benson has no intention of refunding season ticketholder's money even though there will be no games there this year.

    Beware of snakes. If you get bitten, well, you knew it was a snake when you picked it up. Maybe NO didn't know Benson was a snake, but San Antonio should now learn the nature of the man they are talking about dealing with.

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