Sam Young

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by TrueBeliever007, Nov 2, 2010.

  1. TrueBeliever007

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    I want to know if he has made any progression and any upside. Do you guys think he could start
  2. realtick

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    I'll give him a call and see how he's been doing.


    The Cowboys seem to like him enough not to risk waiving him in trying to put him on the practice squad (can't say the same for Robert Brewster).

    I don't think he's able to start this season. He likely needs to work on his strength and conditioning as well as technique.

    I do like him though and think he could be a Marc Colombo-type right tackle in this league.
  3. junk

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    I think he's a guy that could start, but you'd probably always be looking to upgrade while he was starting.
  4. jblaze2004

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    he will get the job done but will probaby not be spectacular doing it. Just a lunch pail type guy that goes to work.

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