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San Francisco 49ers Picks

Discussion in 'Draft Day Zone' started by Hostile, Mar 30, 2007.

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    Rd 1 - 011 - Patrick Willis LB, Mississippi

    BIOGRAPHY: Two-year starter awarded a variety of All-Conference and All-American honors since his junior campaign. Senior totals were 137/11.5/3 after 128/9.5/3 as a junior. Sophomore numbers were 70/11/5 when he was a reserve.

    POSITIVES: Fierce, run-defending linebacker who is best in the box. Fires up the field, plays with great suddenness and flashes on the scene. Plays heads-up football and takes good angles to the play. Possesses a thick, strong build and defeats blocks.

    NEGATIVES: Lacks top lateral range, struggles in coverage and does not possess a quick break to the throw.

    ANALYSIS: An athletic linebacker best defending the run, Willis is a competitive prospect who possesses the skills to start at the next level.


    49ers trade their fourth round pick (#110) and their first round pick next year to New England for the Pats first round pick (#28)

    Rd 1 - 028 - Joe Staley OT, Central Michigan

    BIOGRAPHY: Former tight end who moved to the tackle spot as a sophomore and has been used on both the left and right sides. All-Conference selection as a senior.

    POSITIVES: Gifted athlete developing as a pass-protecting blind-side lineman. Bends his knees playing with leverage, is patient and keeps his feet moving throughout the action. Stays square, keeps defenders in front of him and makes tremendous use of body position.

    NEGATIVES: Lacks adjustment and at times seems a bit stiff. Average run blocker and does not get much movement. Ineffective blocking in motion.

    ANALYSIS: An outstanding athlete with good size as well as growth potential, Staley has watched his game grow by leaps and bounds the past three years. Known as a hard worker with a passion for the game, he is a prospect with starting potential at the next level.


    Rd 2 - 042 -

    49ers trade second round pick (#42) to Colts for Colts 4th round pick (#136) and Colts 2008 1st round pick.

    Rd 3 - 076 - Jason Hill WR, Washington State

    BIOGRAPHY: Three-year starter awarded All-Conference honors since his sophomore campaign. Struggled with injuries as a senior, playing in 10 games and totaling 41/6/7. Junior numbers were a career-best 62/1,097/13.

    POSITIVES: Consistent wideout with deceptive speed. Strong, uses his frame to shield away opponents and makes the difficult reception with defenders draped on him. Displays sharpness running routes, stays low on exit and gets separation. Extends to make the reception.

    NEGATIVES: Lacks the second gear and true deep speed. Has been nicked up the past two seasons, which caused him to miss time.

    ANALYSIS: A natural wideout who also lends a helping hand on special teams, Hill has the natural abilities to be a second receiver at the next level.


    Rd 3 - 097 - Ray McDonald DE, Florida

    BIOGRAPHY: Moved into the starting lineup as a freshman and earned All-Conference honors last season. Senior totals were 36/4.5/3. Started three games as a junior before missing the rest of the season after knee surgery. Career-best numbers of 54/8/4 came as a freshman.

    POSITIVES: Disruptive lineman effective at both the end and tackle positions. Explodes off the snap with a great first step, fires through the gaps and plays with good pad level. Immediately alters his angle of attack and redirects to the action.

    NEGATIVES: Can be handled at the point by a single blocker. Has had a lot of problems staying healthy in college, and has undergone two knee surgeries.

    ANALYSIS: A determined prospect who consistently gives top effort, McDonald is an intense defender who can be used at a variety of positions. Offers potential as a two-gap end and may even be given consideration as a three-technique tackle.


    Rd 4 - 104 - Jay Moore DE, Nebraska
    Rd 4 - 110 - Traded to New England
    Rd 4 - 124 - Traded to Seattle for WR Darrell Jackson
    Rd 4 - 126 - From Saints - Dashon Goldson FS, Washington
    Rd 4 - 135 - Joe Cohen DT, Florida
    Rd 5 - 147 - Tarell Brown CB, Texas
    Rd 6 - 186 - Thomas Clayton RB, Kansas State
  2. phillycard

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    A solid , solid draft. As much as I hate to say, they are making moves.
  3. Charles

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    True indeed. Coupled with the 05 and 06 drafts the 49ers appear to have the makings of very good young nucleus.

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