Sandusky victims get $60 million in settlement with Penn State

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    Penn State announced Monday that it had settled a civil suit involving 26 victims from the Jerry Sandusky sex abuse scandal and will pay out nearly $60 million.
    "The terms of the settlements, which include a release of all claims against Penn State and other parties, are subject to confidentiality agreements. Of the 26 settlements, 23 are fully signed and three are agreed in principle, with final documentation expected within the next few weeks," the university said in a statement.

    "The aggregate dollar amount paid by the University for the 26 settled claims is $59.7 million and will be reflected in the University’s audited financial statements for the year ended June 30, 2013."

    According to the university, it believes that its various liability insurance policies cover its settlements and defense of claims and those expenses not covered by insurance will be funded from interest revenues from the university to its own self-supporting units.

    In other words, tuition, taxpayer funds or donations will not be put towards the settlement's costs.

    Sandusky was sentenced last October to no less than 30 and no more than 60 years in prison after being found guilty on 45 counts of child sex abuse.

    The first allegations of Sandusky's sexual abuse date back to 1994 per Victim 7. In 2001, assistant coach Mike McQuery told Penn State coach Joe Paterno that he had seen Sandusky engaged in inappropriate activities with a 10-year-old boy in the football locker room showers. While Paterno told his supervisors of the incident, it was never reported to authorities.

    Sandusky was officially charged in November 2011. Days after he was charged, Paterno was fired as Penn State's coach. Paterno died in January 2012 after it was announced he was diagnosed with lung cancer just two months earlier.

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    cue the Paterno apologists
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    Show me the money. Wowza.
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    Attorneys probably ended with 1/3 of it.
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    So 60 million from the pockets of Pennsylvania tax payers, terrific, thanks state funded university.
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    "In other words, tuition, taxpayer funds or donations will not be put towards the settlement's costs"
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    Knew it wouldn't take long for someone to bring up "Paterno" in this thread that has nothing to do with him.

    Someone say, "Jerry Sandusky sex scandal"??

    Oh yea, remember, that thing at Penn State where Joe Paterno raped all those boys and then lied to cover it up for his own selfish fame and fortune.
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    and the #1 paterno apologist performs as expected
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    You believe that? At the very least the money freed up to pay the settlement by supposed insurance nets is subsidized by tax dollars. it is a public entity, the money is being paid out by said public entity, the tax payer is hit.
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    He's right.

    This isn't about Paterno.

    I agreed with many that Joe didn't do everything he could have, or should have, in the situation. He did the bare minimum required and that's terrible.

    But he didn't rape those kids and he didn't tell the University to cover it up and let it go. He didn't do anything about them doing so but he didn't tell them to do it.

    The real monster is in prison. Thankfully.
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    His name is mentioned in the article in the original post. He is linked that closely to this whole thing.

    (And NOBODY EVER said Paterno ever raped a child, .. come on.)
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    Obviously Paterno was not the one who raped these children and no one has ever claimed he did. Sandusky is the monster and everyone knows it. Without him this whole matter doesn't happen. Now Schultz, Curley and Spanier are responsible for not putting an end to Sandusky's crimes. They failed to stop Sandusky and get him away from using the university to commit his criminal acts. Paterno deserves his fair share of blame as well in that matter. To think his name along with Schultz, Curley and Spanier's would not be tied to the story about the settlement by the university is naive. If those four guys acted differently and effectively then Penn State would not be in the position of having to settle no matter the heinous acts of Sandusky.

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