Video: SAS/Skip Bayless give Cowboys Predictions

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Zordon, Aug 18, 2014.

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    *Bonus Video*

    Discussion about America's Team...

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    It didn't last long enough for Bayless prediction
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    Good video
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    Shannon Sharpe is a tool.

    As for the America's Team discussion, every year they ask this question. Every year. That's why we are America's Team.
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    How hard is it to understand the "Americas Team" concept?

    Lets break it down:

    1. America's Team = America
    2. America = Americans
    3. Americans = citizens
    4. Citizens = football fans
    5. Football fans that are Cowboys fans

    I would bet that there are more Dallas fans in America than any other team, we spread out across the country. Hence, since we have more fans than any other team, we are indeed America's Team by simple deduction!

    We don't have to continually win championships or even make the playoffs for that title, it is held simply due to the fact that we represent our team....from coast to coast.
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    I thought it was determined that it was not a PED...
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    I really enjoyed that clip and have new found respect for Skip, I think he knows what's going on in Cowboy Land. In any event, SAS is a hater, Skip is a homer..........and I'm truly excited in what to expect in a few weeks from now
  9. Szczepanik

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    Is this real life? Skip was talking some sense right there. Wow.

    If would of loved to get in this debate.

    Positives about the season:

    One of the best OL in football.
    Murray running behind the best OL in football? Or one of.
    Dez in contract year. Dez in general will be a monster.
    Deep WR depth.
    Pretty good TE depth behind Witten with Escobar showing he can catch.
    Linehan's offense being non-vanilla vs. Garrett's vanilla offense.
    Dunbar in screens. Screens in general!
    One of the best FG kickers in the game.
    Romo if his back holds up.

    Our CB group is pretty good. Carr/Mo/Oscan and hopefully Mitchell play well. When used right, we have a good crew out on the field.
    Wilcox has improved, that was evident.
    Church is SOLID.


    Loss of Lee.
    Loss of Ware/Hatcher.
    DL depth in general.
    Mystery at the LB position.

    *I don't see any negatives on the offensive side of the ball, or ST*
    I think Melton will effectively replace Hatcher, and we all loved Ware .. but let's be honest he didn't play that much that past 2 seasons. SO we aren't LOSING anything technically speaking.
    Yes our defense has a chance to be worse... but let's be honest it might just improve with man coverage on the WR, and getting rid of Webb and Heath.

    Put in Ahmad in place of Heath, or Mitchell instead of Webb and we should improve just on the basis alone.

    I am not scared of NY or Washington at the moment. Philly is the only team I can see us giving us fits, but I am not sold on them either. Foles has not torched our bad defense as is, and for whatever reason McCoy doesn't dominate the defense either. DJAX was our toughest matchup honestly.

    Only teams I see us having a rough go with are teams with tough defenses and stout running attacks. NFC west does not favor us but I don't see STL and AZ out pointing us. AZ is in Dallas, not in the desert. That favors us. We also play NO in Dallas , that favors us. Seattle will be rough and SF will be depleted and they haven't played well. If we lose to SF it will be because the running game tears us up.

    There is a cup of optimism for the day.
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    Not going to bother.
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    It wasn't, he used MDMA; but that would take away from their TV ratings.
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    I hate those guys but, Skip apparently is eating the same chicken I'm eating because, that is the exact thing I have been saying. T.O.P. made us lose more games than not last season. (Where's our research guy?) Control the clock, get a few stops or force field goals, you've got yourself a tough team to beat.
  13. rocyaice

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    I think both guys made sense. And i've actually said the same thing about the cowboys that Stephen A said. I think Cowboys could field out the All Pro team and they would still find ways to underachieve or go 8-8 or 9-7. I think its just this whole aura or how Stephen A called it, "Mystique" that the Cowboys have. I think there's a certain pressure these guys face that may be no other team does. I think the Yankees face it year in and out too. You're never going to get those games where a team just didn't have it. You will every week get the best a team has to offer even if its a dog but team.

    BTW, I hate how Skip calls it his Cowboys......I don't even want to be associated with him as a fan. BUT, I will say he was a decent voice of reason. He brought up solid points as well. IF this offense plays to its potential....who knows how good this team can be. Let's remember the offense was inconsistent and had no gameplan really last season and went 8-8 with the worst defense in the league. And two of those games could've been won had the offense simply ran the ball.
  14. Hoofbite

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    Clip is a week old so maybe prior to.
  15. Hoofbite

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    I think their assessment is pretty fair.

    The offense will do well but the defense will likely struggle significantly.

    Dallas will absolutely have to win the turnover battle and have stout special teams.

    The defense was bad last year but they did take the ball away a bit. I think the only way Dallas gets to the playoffs will be if they absolutely dominate the turnover differential.

    The offense was very good last year at not giving the opponent easy points or turning the ball over deep inside Dallas territory.

    The defense (and special teams) were actually very good last year at giving the offenses short score opportunities.

    If these things do not hold true this season I think Dallas will struggle. Had they not held true last season the team likely doesn't win the 8 games that they did.
  16. noshame

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    Right now, (this may change in 2 weeks) but right now I see 4-2 or 3-3 in the division and 4-6 out of the division for a 8-8/7-9.

    That's if we stay healthy, if not all bets are off.
  17. Macnalty

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    I am in the same wheel house, I do not think Tony stays vertical for all games this year, with Weeden we are significantly hobbled on offense.
  18. coach steele

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    I hate first take. I think Skip and Stephen Smith are nothing but mouths trying to drum up rating by being provocative. Rarely do they go inside the numbers or use any type of logical argument. Shannon Sharp is just as bad. One person takes one view, the other takes the extreme opposite. This is America's team. You know why? Because more people follow the Cowboys than any other team (some of which are fans, some of which are haters)! Check the rating to confirm this. Dallas always have multiple games in the top 10.

    I honestly don't know what we are yet. I think we are at the very worst 7-9 (if Romo stays healthy). I think the offense will be prolific. I'm hoping that playing with Carr, Claiborne, Melton, McClain, and setting in on the linebackers will help. Right now, we just don't know because we haven't seen it.
  19. BAZ

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    That was worth watching just to see Shannon Sharpe struggle through "Orlando Scandrick".
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    Well, I guess we still must be America's Team if they keep discussing it....I love it, drives them insane. LOL
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