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    Despite the many moves the team has made in free agency, I have not fundamentally altered my approach to the draft which is to play to its strengths and increase our talent level in the trenches. I think it's unlikely that this scenario will actually play out given the number of Olineman we currently have on the roster, but I would not be uspet if it this is how it turned out.

    By now, we are all familiar with the prospects and their respective strengths, so I will keep the commentary to a minimum.

    Version 1.0.

    Fletcher Cox, DT, Mississipi State
    Kelechi Osemeli, OG, Iowa State
    Billy Winn, DE, Boise State
    Mike Brewster, C, Ohio State

    Note on picks 1-4: I know everyone is down on Spencer, but he seems to have the faith of the coaching staff and it seems unlikely that we would get a game-changing catalytic player to replace him in this draft. I think that adding more talented pressure players up front (Cox and Winn) will have a ripple effect which will improve the overall performance of the D including the LB corps and DBs. I feel the same way about Osemele and Brewster as to their effect for the entire offense. For me, it's about maximizing our best weapons by keeping the pocket clean, opening up running lanes, and giving receivers time to get into their routes.

    Shaun Prater, CB, Iowa
    Joe Adams, WR, Arkansas
    Sean Loisseau, ILB, Merrimack

    Note: Looking for competent back-ups, role players, and special teamers here. Prater and Loisseau fit the mold of Garrett players to a T (hardworking, love football, etc.) and Adams adds to the competition for slot receiver and return man.

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