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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Sasquatch, Mar 30, 2013.

  1. Sasquatch

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    My earlier pre-mock so you can see the evolution of my thoughts.

    I always assume that some movement is up/down is likely but am keeping these in the regular order (seperate rounds) and approximate places instead of trying to predict the exact nature of the moves.

    1. D.J. Fluker, RT, Alabama. I’m done waiting for the return of the Doug Free who showed such athleticism and promise when filling in for an injured Marc Columbo. Fluker is an walk-on starter who will bring leadership and attitude to our soft OL.

    2. Sylvester Williams, DT, North Carolina. Williams is deceptively quick for his size and instantly upgrades an aging DL. Has the potential to be a dominant player in the NFL at a need position.

    3. Joseph Randle, RB, Oklahoma State. A productive back who is a threat running and catching the ball and who can be relied upon to pick up the blitz when staying back to block. Seems like the kind of all-around back that Garrett appreciates, not unlike Murray.

    4. Dallas Thomas, OG, Tennessee. An athletic OG who, as mentioned elsewhere, fits perfectly into the Callahan mold for OL. Can do spot duty at OT if needed.

    5. Tony Jefferson, S, Oklahoma Competent all-around good player who has extensive experience at the position. I’m not sold on our the “starting caliber” safeties already on the team and want to bring in more competition.

    6. Josh Johnson, CB, Purdue. Always have to bring in athletic corner for depth and special teams and perhaps even a pleasant surprise. Johnson played well at Purdue and is an experienced and committed special teams player.
  2. AsthmaField

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    I like it. Sylvester Williams in round 2 would be a gift.
  3. slomoxn

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    My only question is if we are annually looking for a new safety why are or would they once again go to the bottom of the draft to get one. It would be nice to see them go for a starting safety as opposed to more competition. They have had competition at safety since Woody left.
  4. IAmLegend

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    Neither Jefferson and Thomas will fall that far.
  5. LynnFoster

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    I like it too, but I would love it if you took Vaccaro instead of Fluker. I think we definitely take a DL in the first two rounds and a RB in the 3rd or 4th.
  6. tm1119

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    Not huge on Fluker.....he's going to struggle against speedy edge rushers in the NFL. He would for sure be an upgrade to RT and may make an even better OG so I would have no real problem with the pick.

    And I just don't see Sly falling to us in the 2nd, and Dallas Thomas in the 4th seems very unlikely as well. It's very possible a team views him as a RT still and he doesn't make it out of the 2nd, even as a guard its unlikely he gets out of the 3rd.
  7. Sasquatch

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    You're preaching to the choir. I've always mocked safties (Kenny Phillips, Patrick Chung, etc.) over the past few years, but just am not sure that any of the top candidates this year are the best value at our various draft positions.
  8. Sasquatch

    Sasquatch Lost in the Woods

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    I agree that Fluker has limitations when it comes to the pass blocking. I also agree with your thoughts on these players' respective positions, so I'm assuming a trade (Fluker) and possibly a trade back up (Williams) so that it all balances out in the end. Perhaps a bit lazy, but don't see the point of predicing exact trades.
  9. visionary

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    well, in that case, clearly this is a choir that needs much more "preaching to" :)

    i would take swearinger or thomas (or best available safety based on our draft value board) in round 3 over the RB
  10. zrinkill

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    That is a nice draft Sassy.

    Good to see ya my friend.
  11. DFWJC

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    5% chance that Sly Williams is still available at 47.:cool:

    So sweet if that would happen.
  12. AsthmaField

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    Josh Johnson from Purdue, IMO, is a perfect late round pick. The guy is tough, plays tough, and loves football. I could definitely see him sticking on a Monte Kiffin defense that requires it's corners to tackle.

    He also, like the Squatch mentions, loves to play on special teams... and he excels at it.
  13. AsthmaField

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    I think I would take them over Randle too... however, I do like Randle a lot and for all I know the team has Randle rated way higher than either of the two safeties.

    If that scenario were to play out and the team does indeed have Randle rated much higher than the safeties, then I would want them to go with the RB there. If they are rated very close, I would want them to go S.

    The team has been drafting very well of late, so I hope they continue doing the same things.

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