Recap: Sat. Practice Report: Mid-Pack WRs Have A Chance To Shine

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    Sat. Practice Report: Mid-Pack WRs Have A Chance To Shine
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    [​IMG] David Helman Staff Writer Follow David Helman on Twitter


    OXNARD, Calif. – The Cowboys continued their 2013 training camp Saturday evening with one final practice before Sunday’s Blue and White Scrummage. This year, Jason Garrett’s new schedule gives even more time between the lighter morning walk-through and the afternoon practice.

    Each night, will feature the second practice of the day with the big news, the highs and lows and notable standouts.

    Main Event:
    Nothing frees up your wide receiver corps to show off like a little downtime for the starters. Miles Austin took the evening off on Friday after a week of camp, and Dez Bryant followed suit Saturday with a rest day to recuperate some nicks and scratches.

    With the team’s top wide receivers alternating days off, several others have had a chance to show off. The top three of those have undoubtedly been Dwayne Harris, Terrance Williams and Anthony Armstrong.

    Harris and Williams’ presence in the first team are near-givens, as the former is the team’s returning No. 3 wideout and the latter is a third-round draft pick. Armstrong, however, has used the opportunity to rise out of the pack of as many as eight receivers who don’t have secure jobs heading into the season.

    “Whenever someone goes down, whether it’s injury or the coaches just decide to take him out, you have to be ready,” Armstrong said. “I hold myself to a high standard – I’ve done it before in this league – and I’m just trying to have a successful camp.”

    Armstrong ran with the first team throughout full-team drills on Friday, and he received the nod, along with Harris and Austin, on Saturday during pass skeleton. It’s safe to say Armstrong made the most of the opportunity, as he hauled in several impressive catches and proved a reliable possession receiver.

    “I just want to be consistent – stack good days on top of good days,” Armstrong said. “You can’t really go up and down. The more you press onward and upward, the better off you’re going to be.”

    Austin, Williams and Harris formed the starting trio when the Cowboys concluded their late practice with a two-minute drill. Armstrong ran second-team along with Anthony Amos and Tim Benford while Coale Beasley, sidelined with a wrapped knee, sat out.

    Armstrong said it becomes easier to get reps with a less congested receiver corps, though the competition is bound to ramp up as camp continues and more is expected from everyone.

    “It’s so early in camp, you have so many numbers that it’s so spread out,” he said. “Once you get further into camp, when somebody goes down, it’s going to be very noticeable. When you’re down to seven or eight guys versus 10 or 12, it’s very noticeable.”

    If this week is any indication, Armstrong has shown he knows how to take advantage of more playing time.

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