Sat/Sun Senior Bowl risers.

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by jterrell, Feb 22, 2009.

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    For me:

    Rhett Bomar, who is awfully athletic. Kind of guy who needs 2 years on the pine but has starter potential.

    Stephen McGee, another good all-around athlete who threw the ball well in the drills and is thick enough to absorb sacks, can play ina Wildcat type scheme for limited exposure while he learns the position.

    Pat White, who was the Senior Bowl MVP and then impressed in the drills as a passer. Ideal wildcat QB with good speed, quickness and very solid arm strength. He raised his stock a great deal imho.

    imho the combine is useless for RBs. so no one for me.
    i know folks like 40 times but at 40 it is meaningless. i want to know if guys can hit holes with explosion if they can follow blocks, if they can block, if they fumble.

    Jarret Dillard is an explosive leaper with great hands. Not very big but runs smooth routes and stays under control.

    Terry Robiskie who came out of no where after a very marginal collegiate career to put on a show at senior bowl week and then again at the combine.

    Pat Turner is very tall and somewhat slight but he looked better than I expected as a route-runner. Much more fluid than advertised. I think he can start in this league.
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    wasn't senior bowl weeks ago ?
  3. jterrell

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    Again best gauge for OL is tape but opponents vary so wildly that can also mislead.

    Eric Wood wowed me. That dude is a solid athlete who goes hard all the time. I think he could start over Gurode right now.

    Herman Johnson, who is a massive guy that showed less stiffness than I expected. Probably a born RT who can engulf people.

    Max Unger who can play guard or center. Another very good athlete who might be a tad light in the pants to play for the Boys.

    Jason Smith who is a Dallas kid that showed amazingly athleticism for a guy that size. A very natural looking guy at 309 he could hold even more weight easily. Good in speed drills, the bench and quickness drills with cones.
  4. jterrell

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    yea, sorry. this is about the combine but I take the senior bowl and follow it through to here for my draft boards.

    i seldom base anything on individual workouts cause unlike scouts I don't see them:)
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    Rhett Bomar is an absolute meat head who makes Jeff George look like a leader, and Steven McGee will never make an NFL roster as a quarterback.
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    Uhhh, that would be Brian Robiskie, pal; Terry's his dad, and a former NFL player... it's an easy mistake to make...
  7. Silverstar

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    Yep...Turner and Robiskie looked very good in the drills.

    Did Turner run the 40?
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    I agree, JT. McGee and Bomar are two of my favorite QB prospects in this draft. McGee is solid, throws pretty well, can run for a first down (which IMO is a big bonus for a fill-in QB) and is a good leader. Bomar is the wild colt who needs to be tamed, but has a great arm and could develop into more than a stop gap.

    I'm not sure about Bomar's character, though. Anyone know? The payola from Big Red doesn't bother me that much -- I'm talking more about love of the game and work ethic. McGee doesn't have those issues.

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