Satellite Radio?

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by cowboyfan4life_mark, Jun 17, 2008.

  1. cowboyfan4life_mark

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    Anyone able to give me some ideas on this? Whats good, what to stay away from? Which is the better units?

    Also, what kind of "hookup" is there to the installation?

    Any help would be very appreciated.
  2. poke

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    i have sirius radio ( it has nfl channel)
    i have the sportster 4 model, not permanently installed just sticks to the
    windshield, the antenna wire i had originally ran to the roof and the magnet antenna never moved. i replaced my windshield and just put the antenna
    on the worked so well there i havent re-ran it to the roof.
    i also paid for a lifetime subscription so i have no monthly payment.
    i love it. now if the merger between xm and sirius will finalize i will really
    like it ( i think).
  3. trickblue

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    I have XM and Sirius, but they are about to merge...

    I currently am running a Pioneer XM on the go and an Xpress RC Color Unit which is nice...

    I'm running a factory Sirius unit...

    There is little issue with hooking them up. If you can run a power cable, and antenna cable and peel and stick a mount on, you can do it...

    XM has much nicer aftermarket units, but Sirius has the NFL Channel. I don't know how the merger will affect channel line-up right now...

    Having used both extensively, if it weren't for the NFL Channel I would go with XM, but that is just preference... both are good and light years better than terrestrial radio...
  4. cowboyfan4life_mark

    cowboyfan4life_mark 5 outta 8 ain't bad

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    Thanks poke and trickblue. Food for thought. I am leaning towards Sirius, but mainly do to the NFL channel. I guess I know what I'll be doing this weekend. :cool:
  5. Cajuncowboy

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    Get the Sirius and you'll be hooked on "The Blitz" and "Moving The Chains".

    Also, the have Gil Brandt on often and sometimes he talks Cowboy History when someone asks.

    And installing it is a breeze if you get a stick on your windshield kinda unit. Shoot, I did it myself in two of my cars.
  6. theogt

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    +1 on The Blitz, Moving the Chains, and Gil Brandt. Makes the whole thing worth the price of admission.
  7. CowboyFan74

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    Sirius has NFL

    XM has more talk shows
  8. heavyg

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    I have been thinking about getting satellite radio for some time. In my area AM stations are a no go and we have very few FM stations that come in clear. I really like listening to political talk shows. But I think I will wait until they get the whole merger thing worked out.

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