Scandricks contract and Mike Jenkins

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by OklahomaCowboy88, Sep 29, 2012.

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    Can someone tell me the details of Orlando Scandricks deal, and if it would be feasible to cut him/trade him and to use the money instead on getting Mike Jenkins signed up here long term?

    I would love to have Carr, Jenkins, and Claiborn as our top three corners, provided it wouldn't break the bank.
  2. Yeagermeister

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    Jenkins will want more than Scandricks contract will free up
  3. Tex

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    You cant pay three cornerbacks premium money long term. Claiborne is on a rookie contract but we want him starting. I dont think either of the other two want to be a third cornerback really.

    I think when Scandrick was signed they were picturing Newman retiring and maybe losing jenkins in FA which would of been a mess.

    They didnt picture Carr and Claiborne here when Scandrick was signed to that contract for sure.

  4. Galian Beast

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    Claiborne wont get premium money til his 5th year, unless we resign him earlier than that.

    we can structure jenkins properly within that time if we wanted to keep him.
  5. JonJon

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    That's what I was thinking. If it comes down to who I would rather have between Jenkins and Scandrick, I'm taking Jenkins.
  6. Tex

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    We could perhaps sign him depending on the money he asks but even with Claiborne on a rookie contract you are still then paying pretty big bucks to three OTHER cornerbacks counting Scandrick and thats just silly.

    Can we pay that money to a premium safety instead maybe. You cant pay that kind of cash to two non starting cornerbacks. Well you cant if you are sane which might mean Jerry just night do it.

    And NO I dont want Carr at safety. I want a proven safety getting paid here and Carr starting at cornerback with Claiborne opposite. Plenty of clubs get by with a 3'rd corner back much less a 4'th corner not getting premium money. Scandrick is overpaid for a 3'rd corner much less what Jenkins (who will ask for Carr type money I bet) would get. We have greater needs on this team.
  7. supercowboy8

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    Scandricks contract has 10 million in guaranteed money with a 3 million signing bonus.After this year he will only have been paid 1.8 million in salary with another 1.18 million in bonus money that comes from a 5.9 million restructure bonus.
    We can not cut him anytime soon without being a big cap hit after this year. It would cost more to cut him than keep him. Now after nest year in 2014 he will be a 5.88 million cap hit which then we may cut him to save money.
    Mike Jenkins is going to want alot more than Scandrick, also Scandrick deal doesn't get big towards the cap until later 2014, so it was actually a good deal.
  8. Ren

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    We can't afford Jenkins, If he keeps playing like he did sunday he'll end up with more money then Carr got coming here
  9. supercowboy8

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    no he won't. Carr is on of the best CBs in the NFL. He has proven that this year. Jenkins is small and always injured. No team will over pay for him. He will walk because some team will want him as a starter but he isn't going to get arr money.
  10. Q_the_man

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    Teams always overpay. especially at the CB position, Jenkins is more than a above average CB, I would really hate to see Jenkins go.

    Hope he resign with us, if not franchise for one season- depending how the rest of this season plays out of course
  11. supercowboy8

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    no way do you franchise him and pay him 10 million next year. We have 3 good CBs. Jenkins is the #3 CB on this team you don't pay him 10 million next year. We need to spend our money on other positions of more need.
    Yes they over pay but he isn't better than Carr and will not get more than Carr.
  12. Deep_Freeze

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    Well we have alot of decisions to make soon with our secondary. The premium safety you mention, will probably have to be drafted so his contract would be a rookie contract. If Jenkins walks, then you are also looking at drafting his replacement. That is 2 picks on the secondary that most people don't see will happen, but the likelyhood is high for this to happen.

    If you want a secondary that can compete with these 3-4 WR sets, then you have to spend the resources to get one. Since these CBs are at a premium, along with safeties to a much lesser extent, they are something that you have to draft consistently cause when you lose one to a big paycheck you have to have a young guy on a rookie contract to replace him.

    Our secondary has played very well so far, but with the probable loss of Jenkins.....look for some of change over the offseason.
  13. supercowboy8

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    I hope Jarius Byrd hits FA and we sign him. He is a very good FS and will fit this system perfect. I would also like to draft a safety as this draft has value at safety this year.

    WE can draft a #3 CB in the 3rd or 4th round.
  14. Deep_Freeze

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    Yeah, for the first time in a few years, this draft is actually looking good for safeties, so I agree one will probably be drafted, maybe pretty high. Safeties demand so much in free agency now, its kinda hard to see Byrd coming, but you never know.

    3rd or 4th round on a CB is right around the point to look for one, we don't need a starter right away there, but we do need someone to develop. Safety is much more important for us right now and needs to be drafted as such, although CB is such a premium position that you have to be prepared cause the random street guys at the CB position are usually just horrible and picked on as soon as they get in the game.
  15. zrinkill

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    Jenkins would sign somewhere else for less money.
  16. Cowboys&LakersFan

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    Jenkins is a very good football player, but I don't see him being re-signed by the Cowboys. Most teams are lucky to have one shut down corner let alone three like we have. I don't see the team being able to invest big money in a third corner.
  17. RoyTheHammer

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    You underrate Jenkins, imo. Also he's only 2 inches shorter and 10 lbs lighter than Carr. He's not that small. Plenty of good corners in the league his size.
  18. RoyTheHammer

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    Really wish we would've taken Boykin.. my mancrush still exists on the kid haha. He'd have been a perfect slot corner and he's already doing very well for the Eagles in that role.
  19. Deep_Freeze

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    Yeah plus he can return punts...would've been a really nice pick for us....Wilber hasn't played a down and we picked him over Boykin, Wilber better turn into something cause Boykin is already producing for Philly.

    Obviously I agree with you here, and would've given us much more leverage over Jenkins cause Wilber isn't giving us anything at the moment.
  20. kirkjrk

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    Would like to see a CB with P/K return ability. I think the following three can be had in the third round, no later. They are ranked 8-12 in current CB rankings and all are accomplished K returners, one or two also punt returners,

    Justin Gilbert OK State

    Jordan Poyer Org. State

    Logan Ryan Rutgers

    Could possibly solve two needs with one draft pick.

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