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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by TwoDeep3, Nov 18, 2013.

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    I think the main difference between Manning and Romo (and all other QB's) is that Manning knows where the ball is going before the ball is snapped. Not every single play, but the majority of the time. So he doesn't have to go through progressions. He sees his guy and throws it, giving the d-line no chance to get to him. Meanwhile Romo typically goes through his reads, which gives the d-line more chance to get to him, especially when there is a shaky line in front of him.

    It has little to do with his release, but more to do with the fact that he has to go through progressions, which Peyton doesn't do often. He knows where the ball is going, he just has to wait for his receiver to separate.
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    I'd say more that half the time, that is true. Peyton really is a computer on the field.
    Watch any game though and you'll see a lot of plays where he hits his 2nd and 3rd option after going through a very quick progression.
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    With all things considered, I think when we look back on the Romo era, the personnel decisions made will be the main reason this team didnt achieve a lot more. Jerry seemed to make impromptu signings and trades we all know about those awful drafts) to try to win as soon as possible instead of making actually having a structured rebuilding process. Once we saw that Romo had the potential to be great that should have been the number one objective.
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    Him and anyone. I get that Peyton is obviously gifted, and LOVES the game like anyone else. BUT the huge difference is, he doesn't rely on talent to get him by and treats it more like a profession than any other player. I think he prides himself in his career, in an employee of the month kinda way.
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    BTW, all this Payton love means nothing is he loses the first playoff game they play this year.

    As good as Peyton is he has less rings than his very mediocre brother.
    End of the day it takes teams to win Super Bowls.
    Peyton is just a really good start.
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    I have seen Romo play great, so I think this is just a slump

    Opie's offense has always been crap

    Guess who I am getting rid of?
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    Watch the Eagles against the Redskins yesterday and you'll see the difference in two offenses - one with great play design and the other slogging it out trying find any opening for a pass play. We are like Washington - our guys have to win one on one match ups all the time, and the scheme doesn't help them much. Watch the Eagles and Denver play - almost every time a receiver is open it's because of clear out routes and overloading the zone coverage. Our receivers are good enough to get open, but our line doesn't give Romo the time to wait for them to clear. Earlier in the season he was more comfortable and we got some better passing plays, but now he's jumping around like Troy did his last year (Mr Happy Feet). We need to run the quick slants and bunch formations, and give Romo a very clear 1st target and very quick pass plays. Put the defense on their feet and once they make adjustments hit them with a double-move and get the good plays going. I am just tired of our crap offense...

    I was watching the Eagles game yesterday and it was amazing how many time Foles just watched his one side of the field and hit a guy wide open. It wasn't because his receivers were winning the one on one battles every time, it was because the scheme provided the openings. Foles knew with confidence which guy was going to be open and fired it in there all day. With our talent, we should be doing the same thing all day long.
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    If we ran the Manning offense we'd set a record for most offensive pass interference ever.

    Denver's offense is illegal it just isn't called.
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    I'm at the point where I give up on expecting anything more than mediocre with this team, no matter who coaches them.

    And you all know the reason why.

    No established coach will ever come here. And the future coaches who do, will only be puppets.
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    Garrett has demonstrated time and time again he does not provide any upside for this team, what exactly is his specialty, anyway. But I would LOVE to see Jack Del Rio as HC of the Cowboys.....He had the Jag's playing some mean football, especially on defense before the owner came in and got stupid. Can't blame Del Rio for the ownership issues in Jacksonville, anytime you try and sell the team and force the coach to draft a dud QB in the 1st round, (Blaine Gabert ouch) its a gonna be a disaster. Plus I like the Idea of giving a experienced ex-HC a second chance.....they already made their rookie mistakes and no what not to do the second time around....

    I would fire Garrett in a NY minute to get JACK DEL RIO...... great 4-3 DC and gonna be a great HC and this team needs an experienced HC.

    Only other possibles I would consider is, Jon Gruden, Shaw, Sumlin, or Lovie Smith,
    There are others but I just don't care for the Zimmers, Whisenhut, Nolan's out there

    Disclaimer: I'm not a English teachers so don't knock the grammar and spelling....
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    If true, the effects of this are only seen on 3rd down.

    Last Five Games Only
    Romo, on 3rd down:
    18 of 46 201 yd 1 td 3 int 33.0 (33rd in NFL)

    Romo, on 1st and 2nd down:
    86 of 136 957 yd 7 td 1 int 98.2 (3rd in NFL)
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    why is this s featured post?

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