Schefter: Miles is a potential salary cap casualty

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Nation, Feb 23, 2013.

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    @AdamSchefter: Most interesting potential salary-cap casualty in coming days: Cowboys WR Miles Austin. Dallas needs cap space and Austin would provide it.

    Would save 5M on the cap
  2. whynot

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    How much would a replacement #2 WR cost though?
  3. the_h0wey

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    Didn't Jason come out yesterday and say they would not cut Miles Austin?
  4. SDCowboy85

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    A lot less than Miles is hitting the cap with. I'm all for moving on from Miles. The guy is frequently injured, is wildly inconsistent and is paid like a #1. Releasing miles would be pretty big for the team's salary cap.
  5. TheSport78

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    This proves how clueless Schefter can be.
  6. Bowdown27

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    I've said this multiple times. I really thought he was going to be a cap causality. Too much money for our number 2 receiver. Sucks cuz I like miles but it makes sense.
  7. Eskimo

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    When you look at the minimal cap savings and the loss of an important piece of the offense it still makes sense to bring him back. He should be working with the best hamstring guys in the business (hire Jose Reyes guy) with the hope he can recapture his 2009/2010 form which I still believe is possible. Outside of the hamstring issue he has healthy and his body hasn't absorbed much punishment.

    Free is an obvious cap casualty. Rat would be too except for the guaranteed contract thing.

    I do think the FO has to re-think their philosophy of letting most players get a sniff of FA before re-signing them as it leads to bad deals. And if we go ahead and re-sign Spencer now we'll be getting a bad deal and wondering about why we bothered giving this loser so much money.
  8. SDCowboy85

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    Unless the numbers that have been tossed around aren't accurate, the money saved by cutting Miles is more than minimal.
  9. Gemini Dolly

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    Miles is staying put. But he needs yoga or something.
  10. LatinMind

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    Calvin Watkins ‏@calvinwatkins
    I was told #Cowboys haven't had discussions about cutting miles Austin.

    Lol Watkins 1 Shefter 0
  11. dart

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    ok say Dez goes down - with all the stuff he does trying to get extra yards

    then what ?????????????

    then every body going to wish we had Miles

    i will put money that Miles is not cap casuality
  12. Oh_Canada

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    I think Miles stays and it's too bad, seems to me like a guy far too comfortable now that he has hit the lottery.
  13. Galian Beast

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    Miles will be cut or resigned in 2016. There is no signing bonus, and his contract is very cap friendly for 2013-2015.
  14. Deep_Freeze

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    Just an example of this team having needs everywhere. Sure, WR seems to be one of the lowest needs, but cutting Miles is actually a pretty high need at this point with his contract. Problem is, we don't have anyone on the roster that would make that possible.

    This team really can go into the draft with BPA in mind, cause we need everything.

    AMERICAS_FAN Active Member

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    Less than 5 million on the season, which is why Austin is expendable.

    But your question imies a great point - if we lose Austin can we replace him at his talent level right away?

    A rookie draft pick won't do it. What affordable veterans are/ might come available le?
  16. newlander

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    that Austin is staying.....too bad, I think he should be cut. (it was on bottom of screen crawl for the NFL Network)
  17. sonnyboy

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    Given all the info we have, I think you have to either be a fan of another team or learning impaired to suggest cutting Miles.
  18. Boys#1 95

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    It was reported Saturday that Miles Austin soon could be released to provide the Dallas Cowboys with salary-cap relief. Don't count on it.

    Offseason Forecast: Cowboys
    Around The League examines what's next for all 32 NFL teams. Dan Hanzus breaks down the Cowboys. More ...
    Citing a team source,'s Ian Rapoport reported Saturday that the Cowboys remain committed to Austin. The team remains focused on making sure the wide receiver is healthy before the 2013 season.

    The cap-strapped Cowboys would save $3.6 million if they released Austin, leading to speculation a move could be made. Austin played in all 16 games last season, but nagging leg injuries hindered his ability.

    Austin, 28, is due $6.5 million in 2013, not an exorbitant amount of money for a No. 2 receiver. He signed a six-year, $54 million contract extension in 2010, but he's yet to match the production of his breakout 2009 season when he finished with 1,320 receiving yards and 11 touchdowns.

    Injuries have held Austin back, but there's no denying how dangerous the Cowboys' offense can be when Austin, Dez Bryant and Jason Witten are on the field together. The Cowboys aren't in a hurry to break up that dynamic trio.
  19. Bluefin

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    Too comfortable?

    Head coach Jason Garrett doesn't appear to have that concern.

  20. bkight13

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    The team NEEDS Miles Austin. His contract isn't crazy or a waste. His production is down in a big part to Dez stepping up. It's possible to get some cap savings by re-working his deal, but it would be foolish to cut him with only Harris as next man up.

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