Schefter: "Skins have best OT tandem in NFL"

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by TOOMBS, Jul 9, 2010.


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    Oh, those ******** saps on Extremeskins (yes, I love to go there and laugh). One positive article by Adam freaking Schefter, of all people, and they start drinking the kool-aid. Adam Schefter knows about as much about football as I do........and that is NOTHING! (I once said that Shawn Merriman was better than Ware...... so that shows what I know.)

    Every damn year they fall for the same ****! Reminds me of the girl I call every few months and convince to come over and then ignore her calls the next day.

    Here is one of the many gems from this thread on Extremeskins:

    "Why are you people so cautious? They are easily the best bookend tackles in the NFL, by far.

    McNabb is going to have all day in the pocket, and we should easily have 2 1000+ yard RBs."

    Not very many people were being cautious either. That thread is full of Kool-aid drinking dorks.

    There is NO WAY *in my ignorant opinion* this team is going to be competitve this season. First year in a 3-4 with players do not fit. Andre Carter dropping back??? Can that guy even walk backward? Old *** runningbacks... Carlos Rodgers..... Santana Moss might do ok because he is closer to the ground to catch McNabb's dirt balls, but the other receivers are trash. O-line looks terrible. Cooley, Orakpo, and Fletcher are their only good players.

    i'm drunk..... where is that girl's number?

    *edit* forgot to put link for his chat where Schefter said this
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    Nothing surprises me out of ExtremeBizarroWorld, but Schefter should be ashamed of himself. Trent Williams is a star because he was drafted high? Okay.
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    I think that I've clicked on so many ES links before that I don't even bother with it anymore because I know exactly what to expect.
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    Only time will tell.
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    I think they will be okay. Best in the NFL? Naw, I can't go there. I think Tennessee, Miami, and Carolina are among the top 5 and so is Denver. I don't think Washington is top 5.

    I'd go...

    1. Denver
    2. Carolina
    3. Tennessee
    4. Miami
    5. Minnesota
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    So a rookie and a guy coming off a season long injury are supposed to be the best in the NFL? How about the two guys in Baltimore?
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    Ware and Spencer

    Let's dance, baby.
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    Best bookend tackles in the NFL - Samuels and Janson.

    Oh, wait, this is 2010.:lmao2: Samuels is retired and Janson is with the Lions, I think.

    Now, their bookend tackles are some rookie who never played a snap in the NFL and another guy who hasn't played in two years:lmao2:
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    Amazing isn't it... Geez!!! Williams is a ROOKIE and hasn't played a snap in the NFL. Unbelievable!!!!!:rolleyes:
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    Yep, a rookie will be a bookend Tackle. :rolleyes:

    I'll put money on Doug Free being one of the better Tackles in the league this year.
  12. Yakuza Rich

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    Jammal Brown isn't even a top 5 offensive tackle and with questions about his health, this makes no sense to me.

  13. theebs

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    Get used to it.

    Shefter is going to shill for Shannahan the way mortensen does parcells.

    They both take care of each other. Between shefter at espn and lombardi at nfl network the portrayal of the redskins in the coming weeks is going to be might skewed.

    I insist by the time we get to week 1 people are going to be calling them the best team. They are going to score points in the preseason and it is going to make the local dc media nuts and these two national shills shefter/lombardi for their buddies shannahan and allen to lose their minds.
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    Shefter was pretty legit with NFL Network.

    Since joining ESPN...........prototypical hack.

    ESPN is a third world reality show at its worst. Period.
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    Think I'll wait till Williams plays a down before chisling his Canton statue.
  16. Idgit

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    IIRC, his gig before NFLN was in Denver covering the Broncos.
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    using that logic...since Dallas drafted the BEST WR in the draft...and we had the leading WR in yards last year in the NFC (can't remember if it was also the NFL)....does that mean we have the best WRs in the NFL? Which would be ironic to me...because I thought I read in Mosley'c column that we only have the THIRD best WR corps in the NFC East. Don't Mosely AND Adam Scheffter BOTH work at ESPN. Can you get a more twisted persepective on these things from guys who work for the same network and are fancied as NFL EXPERTS.......LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    wow, ********, they were a distant 4th best in the division last year and close to the worst in the league. Sure Brown and Williams are upgrades but it still leaves them....about 4th best in the division....and BTW...Williams is not going to be very good IMO.
    Couple all that with having to face Ware and Spencer....they'll get eaten alive. McNabb doesn't scare me in the least...we figured him out and have owned him for some time now. Take away Desean Jackson and Celek and he's not scary at all. If Philly was willing to trade him to a rival, they know he's about done. I think McNabb is going to have a hard time not playing in Reid's super QB-friendly system.
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    Shefter lost all credibility when he went to espn.

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