Schottenheimer -X = Turner?

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by FiniteMan!, Sep 16, 2007.

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    It's way early in the season, but certain signs are starting to appear that suggest the Turner hire may not have been a good move for SD.

    To me the biggest concern I see is that the team looks flat and unfocused. I have seen this from every team Norv has been in charge of. Do you see this as well?

    I was one of the louder voices against a Turner hire because in spite of his excellence as an offensive coordinator, his work as a head coach was underwhelming. In addition to his poor records, his teams rarely showed the focus and intensity that better teams seem to have. Additionally, his offenses performed poorly when he was the Head coach vs. an offensive coordinator.

    SD's offense looks very sluggish so far this year. I just saw a stat that said SD lead the league in 1st half scoring last season and is last in the league this year with no points scored. It is extremely early in the season. that said, if that continues throughout the season the question has to be asked, "Does Turner do a poor job as a head coach in preparing his team to play?"

    Now granted those are two very solid defenses, but are they as good as they have appeared vs. SD? How much did KC score today?

    Troy and Moose took every opportunity to push Turner for the Dallas job and take every opportunity to praise the scheme and coach. they swear up and down that he will be a great head coach. Both are clearly intelligent and insightful analysts. Do they really see something or is it pure loyalty to a friend?

    I concede it is incredibly early in the season to throw dirt on turner's career as an NFL, but when would that be appropriate. Just your opinion, but what if SD goes 8-8 this year? Would turner get fired after 1 season --- perhaps SD elevating Rivera to head coach or something? WHat happens next, in your opinion?

    For the record, I am not just hating. I would like to see SD come out and win this game and make a run at the superbowl this season, but I just don't see it.
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    Nope I was dreading the thought of Norv the Headcoach. He is great for an offense funny had San Fran offense and Alex Smith look horrid after he has left there.

    I really did not like the Wade hiring but I thought Wade was a way better higher than Norv at least Wade was an above Average Head Coach in Denver and Buffalo.

    I still to this day never understood why wade pulled Flutie for Doug Johnson right before the playoffs
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    Wade Phillips was the correct hire - JMO

    I was disconsulate on the thought of Norv Turner being named our head coach.
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    Turner's teams seem to be unfocused and mediocre. Wade's teams, while he hasn't been all that successful as head coach, seem at least play with some heart. I think we made the right choice.

    We have the talent. The team is already built. We just need a coach to "drive the bus" for now. One that will let our players play and our coaches coach.

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