Scotsman: The Obama messiah delusion has well and truly exploded

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    Gerald Warner: The Obama messiah delusion has well and truly exploded
    Published Date: 23 August 2009

    AS SCOTLAND'S first Nationalist administra-tion earned the country global pariah status, with Kenny MacAskill's sentimental drivel about "humanity" (for one terrifying moment it looked as if he was about to call Abdelbaset al-Megrahi "the People's Bomber") defending the release of a notorious mass murderer and a sea of saltires waving at Tripoli airport, President Barack Obama erupted in fury.

    He had good reason. Obama's presidency, which began in January with almost mystical expectations, has plunged into spectacular decline. His popularity ratings now look more like Bernie Madoff's. As early as the second week in March, Rasmussen Reports showed his approval rating down to 56%, lower than George W Bush at the same stage in office, with his floating Republican supporters and a large proportion of Independents defecting.

    Last Monday, the Pew Research Center reported Obama's approval rate down to a critical 51%, just two points above Richard Nixon's average rating during his presidency. For a flesh-and-blood politician, such plummeting popularity would be alarming; but this is the messiah – The One – the holistic president who was supposed to unify a troubled nation. That delusion has been exploded.

    Last April Obama failed to sell a global stimulus package to the G20 summit. Then it was on to Nato where the European surrender monkeys responded to his appeal for more troops in Afghanistan with 5,000 non-combatants. In May, when Kim Jong Il lit the blue touch-paper on seven rockets in one week, Obama retaliated with a multi-megaton hot-air strike. In June, after suppressing election protests, Iran responded to Obama's appeal to "unclench your fist" by doing just that – only to slap his face.

    Obama then proceeded to back José Manuel Zelaya, the former president of Honduras deposed by the Honduran Supreme Court and Congress, in accordance with the constitution, alongside all the usual Marxist fruitcake suspects, Chavez, Morales, Ortega – in opposition to democracy and American interests. He followed this up in July, in Moscow, by remaindering a large proportion of America's nuclear weaponry in exchange for zilch from Vladimir Putin. Finally, last Thursday, he was given the finger by Alex Salmond and Kenny MacAskill, who do not even run a sovereign government.

    Okay, so Barack doesn't do foreign. How about domestic? His $787bn stimulus package was most notable for containing 9,000 pork barrel handouts, including $1bn for Amtrak and $4bn for organisations such as Acorn, currently engaged in remodelling the electoral franchise. The Congressional Budget Office assesses this year's Federal deficit at more than $1.8 trillion. Joe the Plumber will not be reassured.

    Where Obama is now staring down the barrel of a gun is in his fast-collapsing $1 trillion healthcare "reform" programme. This was never about improving citizens' health, but about expanding Big Government. As a senator, Obama voted against every moderate proposal for healthcare reform, on the cynical calculation that the worse things got the more receptive the public would be to his Stalinist scheme. American healthcare needs reform, but not Obama's totalitarian aggression against citizens' wallets, privacy and liberties.

    Forget 46 million uninsured Americans (Obama's claim, 5 March) requiring massive Federal assistance. The Census Bureau has identified 9.7 million of them as non-citizens. Altogether, 35.9 million Americans are without health insurance. Of these, 8.3 million earn $50,000-$75,000, 9.1 million more than $75,000, but choose not to insure themselves. Of the 20 million, at most, who cannot afford insurance, 45% will be covered within four months by employers as they move between jobs. The number of citizens earning less than $50,000 and unqualified for insurance is estimated at between 8.2 million and 13.9 million.

    The market, guided by moderate laws imposing accountability on private insurers, can make adequate provision. This scheme was born of the hubris of Obama's first days in office; it will not play in Peoria – or anywhere. The retreat began when Kathleen Sebelius, Secretary of Health and Human Services, declared recently that taxpayer-funded insurance was "not the essential element".

    To Barack Obama, it sure as eggs was essential. Retreat, however, is now turning into a rout, as politicians return to Washington after scrubbing off the tar and feathers acquired at town hall meetings across the Union. For Obama now, the desperate priority is to get some kind of healthcare measure through Congress – any cosmetic legislation that will save his face and his presidency. Whatever it is, it will be a pale imitation of his grand socialist vision. Americans have risen to the occasion: at a historic moment they have decisively rejected Big Government.
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    lets see how long it takes the usual suspects to scream in rage at this "attack" on their god.
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    Burm we are well aware of how the left works.
    They are right now working hard on discrediting the source.
    They cannot compete with ideas,therefore destroy the source.
    See Sarah Palin.
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    [gawd I love that phrase]
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