5: Prospects with the most to prove

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    Brock Osweiler, Quarterback, Arizona State
    Brock Osweiler surprisingly declared for the NFL Draft despite a mediocre and inconsistency ridden junior year mostly because he wanted to seize a lackluster quarterback class. Despite having some natural athleticism for his 6'8 size and isn't a lumbering, immobile passer, he's got a good, not great, arm, has some erratic accuracy, and overall isn't polished in most aspects of his release and footwork. He'll need to prove a few things at the Combine. For one, he'll need to show his athleticism and mobility for his size, so running "smoothly" (forget the time) in the 40 and an adequate 3-Cone Drill are important. Also, he'll need to show some polish in passing drills compared to other top passers. And finally, he'll show he's got some ability to diagram and dissect plays at the whiteboard. If he does well, it could be mid to late first round. If he struggles, as I'll slightly expect, he'll be a 2nd-3rd round project passer.

    Chris Polk, Running Back, Washington
    Already getting a chance to see him up close at the Senior Bowl, myself and NFL scouts likely have a great feel for Polk as a prospect. He didn't get a chance to really show his development as a route runner and an adequate pass blocker in practices, and really couldn't showcase his outstanding vision and patience in practice or the game thanks to lacking chemistry with his blockers. Still, he's one of the top three or four running backs on most team's boards. He told me he's expecting to run in a 4.4s somewhere, which would be fantastic for his size, and if he can win over in some interviews along with impressive times, he'll be right back in that Top 20 overall discussion.

    Alshon Jeffery, Wide Receiver, South Carolina
    Almost without question the prospect with the most to prove of any is Alshon Jeffery. After a dominating sophomore season, Jeffery took a step back in production. While some credit the mediocre quarterback play, it seemed on film to be more about a lack of separation ability, speed, quickness, and sometimes concerns about if he was in-shape. Rumors have been abound about his potential weight issues, and I've heard that he very well could be a 230 receiver running in the high 4.6s, low 4.7s, which would push him down every team's board. Most scouts likely consider him a late 1st rounder now and giving him the benefit of the doubt myself, but

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