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    I asked a group of NFL talent evaluators which players are being labeled potential low motor guys. These are some of the players who have been dinged for lack of effort or commitment in various draft meetings.

    Mike Adams, Ohio State OT. He was an inconsistent performer despite his considerable talent, and scouts question how hard he works and how aggressively he plays. One said he does not appear to pay much attention to the finer points of technique. The issue could cost Adams a spot in the first round.

    Quinton Coples, North Carolina DE. With a lackadaisical play demeanor, Coples gives his team just a fraction of his ability.

    Cordy Glenn, Georgia OL. He may be the most gifted blocker in the draft, but he is an inconsistent player. “He floats through games, and then he can look like Super Man at times,” one college scouting director said. Added a personnel director, “I question his aggression, his finish and his conditioning.”

    Cam Johnson, Virginia DE. The term “underachiever” frequently is used to describe Johnson. One front office man said Johnson is an “all star game wonder who doesn’t’ work hard.” Another said he is “not a great competitor.”

    Kelechi Osemele, Iowa State OT. “He can be as good as he wants to be, but he is inconsistent in all phases,” a personnel director said. Osemele also carries the underachiever label.

    Nick Perry, Southern Cal DE. Scouts believe Perry could play harder. One called him an underachiever. There are concerns about his conditioning. “His get-off can be lethargic,” one general manager said.

    Dontari Poe, Memphis DT. Effort is in the eye of the beholder with Poe. A number of area scouts have the impression he was lazy. But not everyone is in agreement that Poe doesn’t play hard. Some front office men I have spoken with said they believe he wasn’t always productive because he played too many snaps.

    Rueben Randle, Louisiana State WR. “He is a bit of an underachiever who does not play with urgency,” a player personnel director said. A college director said Randle loafs on some plays he is involved with, and he doesn’t show consistent effort in blocking. Many believe he is a tough player, however.

    Devon Still, Penn State DT. The encouraging thing is he seemed to step up against better competition, but scouts say his motor runs hot and cold. “He can dominate, but he usually dominates two to four plays a game,” a general manager said.

    Billy Winn, Boise State DT. He actually improved his effort level in 2011, but he still has the knock on him. “He leaves a lot to be desired,” a college director said. “He will drive a defensive line coach nuts.”
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    That is the way it always is. And it is usually the most physically gifted. They have been able to skate since Jr High on ability alone.

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