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    Tajh Boyd vs. Aaron Murray is the Battle of Polished, NFL Ready Passers
    Tajh Boyd ended up winning the war of the two Top 10 teams, giving Clemson a key victory to start a season that is aimed at a National Title berth. But both Boyd and Aaron Murray gave college football and NFL Draft followers a battle that was a prime example of how senior, experienced quarterbacks should play fundamentally and with NFL-level control.

    Prospects like AJ McCarron get a lot of attention due to team success on a consistent basis. Prospects like Logan Thomas get attention for their remarkable upside. But both Boyd and Murray showed why they should be long-time NFL passers after this season, regardless if they start or not. Based on the offensive control, ball handling, composure in a variety of unique situations, and overall footwork polish, both quarterbacks could be in the NFL right now and make a roster.

    Both quarterbacks are shorter than 6’2, the ideal height for passers. But similar to the newest small quarterback stud Russell Wilson, it doesn’t give these two passers much problem. Boyd especially has a very high release point from the pocket, throwing at a 6’4 level, which is certainly high enough to dodge his own offensive lineman. Murray gets a lot of work on the move, limiting his concern on a variety of plays due to height concerns. Both quarterbacks utilize controlled feet in the pocket and an appreciation for throwing windows in the offensive line to make up for their lack of ideal height, very similar to Russell Wilson at NC State and Wisconsin.

    Boyd’s footwork was even more consistent than 2012, though he still can get too wide of a base when he gets to his drop and his initial read isn’t there. It’s not a huge concern, but it does limit the velocity some and certainly makes him a shorter quarterback in the pocket. Boyd has very “patient” mechanics on the move, with a controlled body and arm movement and finishing his throws despite his feet moving. And effective and balanced runner when running outside the pocket or on designed read option runs, Boyd avoids big hits and as sneaky foot speed as he worked upfield.
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    you know who I liked was two players from Vir Tech

    James Gayle, DE 6-4 #270

    Luther Maddy, DT 6 - 1 #300
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    I think the ACC bashers can maybe quiet down some this year.

    I recall more than one thread over the last 2 years discussing the imminent demise of that conference. They look better to me.

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