Scouting Report – Wesley Johnson, OT Vanderbilt

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    Wesley Johnson has most notably been the left tackle for the Vanderbilt Commodores, but has experience at right tackle, center and guard as well. In addition to being a captain of the team, Johnson started in every single one of the 51 games he played, helping Vanderbilt as part of what is likely the most successful senior class that school has ever had

    Johnson measured 6’5” and is up to 302lbs as of his Pro Day with 33 1/8” arms

    Run Blocking

    Johnson is mean and plays with an edge. He is a finisher who shows a good motor and plays to the echo of the whistle, always looking for another block or a way to help his teammates and gain an edge

    Pass Protection

    Johnson is an intriguing pass protector because he is able to move well and has good instincts for the job. He looks to hit opponents with an initial punch that if it lands, can gain him immediate control and stop momentum before it starts.

    Johnson uses great angles and is able to make it difficult for opponents to find lanes around him. He has natural length between and is able to cover a good amount of ground on the outside

    System Fit

    Johnson is best suited to play in a zone scheme, because he may have trouble gaining too much more weight and he is a good foot athlete. He has shown he can get anywhere on the field he needs to be to make a play, which will make him an attractive target.

    Always have liked this kid

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