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    Stephen Peterman Scouting Report...

    Though he was recruited as a tight end, Peterman has started the last three seasons at guard and has been absolutely dominating. He was named First Team All-SEC in both his junior and senior years. In that span, he played over 1700 snaps and allowed only two sacks. Moreover, he has only missed one game and was scarcely flagged for holding or false starts. Peterman has outstanding size, strength, and toughness. With good drive, explosiveness, and a touch of nasty, he is at his best as a run blocker. Statistically, his pass blocking appears to be phenomenal. However, some scouts believe that he has compensated for lackluster technique with bulk and intimidation. There is also speculation that his footwork is not sound enough to warrant immediate playing time. Nevertheless, Peterman remains a top prospect and will provide valuable depth.
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    I likey :)
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    Stephen Peterman
    Height: 6-03
    Weight: 312


    Has a barrel chest and thick, muscular arms ... Has adequate initial quickness to gain position coming off the snap ... Powerful drive blocker that will strike with good force and pop ... Mauler-type for the ground game who can get low to base block and root out the defensive tackle ... Plays with an aggressive nature, showing a very physical hand jolt on the short pull to take defenders down ... Can easily anchor vs. the defensive tackle and looks to help when uncovered ... Can strike and get movement on a defender in his initial burst ... Uses his hands with great efficiency to get under the defender, locking on with force to sustain ... Will not hesitate to use "any means possible" (cheap shots) to take down his man ... Has the anchor and wide leg base needed to defeat stunts and the bull rush ... Very hard worker in the weight room who leads by example.

    Negatives: Needs to be monitored, as he tends to get overweight (his large mid-section prevents him from generating lateral agility) ... Loses balance and does not sustain well when asked to block on the move (much better at the line of scrimmage) ... Has limited body control working in space (frequently on the ground in attempts to get to the second level) ... Has limited lateral slide ability, which causes him to get beaten by defenders coming off the edge ... Borderline student who needs to be pushed ... Looks a step too slow when asked to pull on sweeps, but stays low in his pads and compensates with a very punishing hand punch ... While he generally gets away with his over-aggressiveness, his tactics have resulted in costly penalties (nine in 2003).
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    Between Mr. Peterman and Newman, we're assembling quite an ensemble.
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    And Jerry is still the center of the show.
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    I like the pick. He's a good team player as well.
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    Any Seinfeld characters we can draft tomorrow?
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    Of course, I am an LSU homer though... :)


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