Scout's Big Prediction: Hanna Contributes More Than Escobar

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by jobberone, Jul 6, 2013.

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    When I last worked for Bill Parcells in 2005, he would always use a line in the personnel meetings that I thought was outstanding. When a scout would go on and on about a player, Parcells would say “Well, your pet cat….” which always put a smile on my face because everyone in the room knew he was right. If I was still scouting for this team, James Hanna would be my pet cat.

    When he was drafted last season out of Oklahoma, I honestly didn’t know very much about him and the type of traits he brought to a team. His film was solid but not dominating. He showed up as an outstanding athlete that would make crazy contested catches but would drop balls when he was alone in space. He wasn’t the type of blocker that would lead you to believe that he could be a force as an inline “Y” because most of his blocks were executed on the move but he has developed some inline techniques. Where Hanna made his biggest jump was on the scout team working with Kyle Orton. There were several weeks where the defense had to face a quality tight end and Hanna was making play after play against Rob Ryan’s group and the coaches stood up and took notice.

    With the push of Garrett and Callahan to use “12” personnel as a base package, the club went out and drafted
    Gavin Escobar in the 2nd round but was interesting, knowing they were looking to go with this package is they passed on the best tight end in the draft, Tyler Eifert who ended up in Cincinnati which might have made some sense. Escobar has some really nice traits with his hands and size but he is nowhere as athletic as Hanna who can be a mismatch problem for a defense much like Jason Witten.

    I'm a big fan of Hanna to and I thought he came on some at the end of the year. I'm not usually a homer for a player although I'm opinionated about some's talents and play as well as problems. But I've been a homer for Escobar since the moment he was drafted. And that's really not fair. Yes, I think he'll do reasonably well this year and yes I think he'll get some snaps and passes as well.

    But I really like Hanna as well. I guess I'm just not a homer about the guy which should be a good thing. I like to stay as objective as I can about the team and players. That's just part of the fun of watching the game for me. And I can be a fan as well without being a homer. I like a lot of players in the NFL even some on the Skins, Niners, Giants, Eagles, Steelers and Packers all of whom I hate in a healthy rivalry way.

    So I don't have a problem with Broaddus's take on Hanna and in fact I agree with him doing well. I'm not ready to predict which one will have the better year as both are capable but both behind Witten. And the odds favor Hanna since he's been in the offense a year plus.

    I do think both are mismatches as much as Witten. They're all different players from a style aspect. Hanna is faster and if he can run routes well and catch the ball he's a star in the making. I think Escobar is going to surprise people with how well he'll get to the ball.

    The TEs are going to be a fun group to watch and follow this year esp if they all stay healthy.

    BTW, at the end of the article there is an article on the TEs as a group and then a link from there to some photos. Really all are a worthwhile read IMO.
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    Not excited about Escobar for reasons that probably have little to do with him as a player and more to do with those in front of him. Witten of course, but also Dez, Miles and our other proven offensive weapons. Rookies in Dallas rarely burst out of the gate unless they are forced into the starting lineup like Tyron or Claiborne by circumstance or talent. Think the staff is going to invest in Escobar's on-field learning curve at the expense of guaranteed yardage from our other weapons? I don't. I suspect Escobar better be highly prepared on the rare moments his number is called because I just don't think its going to be plentiful.

    Hanna on the other hand is further down the road and I do tend to think he's going to show up in the offense this year. By all reports he is ready to contribute.

    Escobar's size in the red zone might be his ticket to the field.
  3. Fredd

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    I am actually pretty excited about the 12-package IF they truly put it in place...they have 3 TE's that can catch the ball and opposing defenses have to be a little nervous about playing against it...I hope that they get it working during pre-season and utilize it to stomp on the giants...I still want a balanced approach, but using the 12 should be able to get them there as when they are running the ball, they will have that extra guy on the outside chipping/blocking the DE's....
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    This team has been trying to do the 12 package....well for forever. Finally we have 2, not just 1, hopes for the package to work in Hanna and Escobar. I believe some here are forgetting that while it has failed in the past, really we had one hope with it being either Bennett or Fasano. How many here will say both Hanna and Escobar will fail?? Not a bet anyone in their right mind should make.

    To make the 12 work, you need depth at the position, and thats exactly what we have now. As much as Romo loves throwing to the position, it should be a no-brainer to give him a variety of weapons from the position. I think everyone sees the potential of the 12, but question the need of Escobar. Well Escobar basically guarantees in my mind that we are running alot of the 12 package, and it will actually work this time cause both Escobar and Hanna won't fail. That alone, justifies the Escobar pick and makes me genuinely excited to see this offense in action.
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    I'm hoping Hanna and Escobar both are good. Nothing wrong with having an embarrassment of riches at a particular position.
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    i see them used differently. out in the field i think is where hanna can use his speed to help create mismatches. inside the redzone is where escobar can use his size to create. mismatches. i think 3rd downs and red zone is where escobar can make his money while hanna can in the middle of the field. i think a key to both is blocking. neither are known for their blocking so hopefully hanna has worked on that alot this off season and escobar can learn quickly.
  7. Blue Eyed Devil

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    The Escobar pick is still the one that i question the most. His scouting report reads like Hannah's (good hands, questionable blocking) so I don't really understand why we used a 2nd round pick on the type of player we already have on the team.

    I guess you can say that it'll give us one of the best 13 packages in the league. 3 tight ends creating mis-matches against linebackers. But then we're putting Miles Austin, Dwayne Harris, and Terrence Williams on the bench.

    You can only put 4 receivers on the field at a time (5 if you go empty backfield) so it seems strange to invest heavily in 7 guys. The 6th and 7th guys are going to see the field, what, 20% of snaps at best? Meanwhile we've got guards and safeties who will be on the field 95% of snaps that are in desperate need of an upgrade.
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    The potential of Hanna as a strong #2 TE receiving option is why i questioned the Escobar pick. I then thought that perhaps i was overestimating Hanna's talent and potential as a contributor. But it seems the more i read, the offensive staff and scouts all think highly of Hanna and envision a significant role for him this season. So then, why spend a 2nd rounder on a 3rd TE? Isn't that similar to spending a 2nd rounder on a 4th WR? Witten is showing no signs of drastically declining in effectiveness and productivity.

    I can already see where on some game days, Escobar will be inactive while Rosario gets the nod due to his strong special teams play.
  9. jobberone

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    I don't see Hanna and Escobar as similar players. They're both listed as TEs but I see Hanna as a TE/F back or even just a very fast TE and Escobar as a TE/WR hybrid. Hanna looks like a faster Gonzalez. Escobar reminds me of Burress albeit a little bigger. Escobar is 6-6 250 and he's a tall upright receiver. That's bigger than the 6-5 235 Burress but they run similar although I actually like the way Escobar moves better. He's just not as fast. He's a possession receiver. Hanna is 6-4 250 and Gonzalez is 6-5 250. Hanna is faster but both are similar athletically. I think they will have some similar responsibilities at times but play more of their snaps doing different things.
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  10. Zordon

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    Still don't like that pick.
  11. big dog cowboy

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    Frankly I don't care who contributes more.
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  12. CoCo

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    It's hard for me to see the bold as a good use of resources though. In particular when you have invested what we have at WR. I think fans scratch their heads because they see Witten, Hanna & Rosario as a perfectly suitable collection of TE weapons, especially when you see Dez, Miles & a highly touted draft pick as the WR's and a RB as talented as Murray. All the above will be compromised if we fail to protect the QB again. I think that is everyone's hesitation on this pick.

    To be fair, neither Terrance, nor Rosario was on board when Escobar was picked. And I'll add that I am certainly pulling for Escobar. I just wanted another talent to add to our greatest offensive weakness - the O-line.

    I see the upside with Escobar, big target, 12 personnel packages, eventual Witten replacement, etc. Hopefully it all works.
  13. birdwells1

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    If Hannah plays before Escobar then it was a bad pick.
  14. elcowboi

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    The Boys won't carry a FB so having the four TE's will be crucial and help twofold. They could have a TE start in the FB position and flex out to create a mis-match for the defense. Plus their size in the redzone will cause problems. There will be times in the redzone when Austin, Harris and Williams are on the bench. Can you imagine all possibilities with four TE's in the game on the goaline?
  15. FiveRings

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    Hanna sort of got lost in the fold last year, even when it was clear he was the best man for the second tight end job. Now Escobar will probably be getting more chances to succeed because of his situation (second round rook), not saying it's the way it should be, but it's been the way it is around here.

    Now if we have three tight ends on the field, maybe split one out wide, or have both Hanna and Escobar on the field to give Witten a rest, well then everyone can contribute.
  16. jobberone

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    I agree. But it's ok for Hanna to tho.
  17. GloryDaysRBack

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    Lolol @ Hanna getting all this hype. Escobar will outshine him
  18. burmafrd

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    Actually I like the plan. Given how often Miles is either injured or hampered by his eternal hamstring problems, Hanna and Escobar have at least as good a chance of making plays as any WR we have not named Dez.

    And this could also put Murray or Randle in the position of being virtually all alone when Romo needs a safety valve.
  19. Eskimo

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    Escobar has been drafted as Witten's replacement. In 3 years Witten will probably be ready to retire and Hanna will step as the inline TE. He needs a couple of years to get stronger and develop his blocking technique while adjusting to the routes he needs to run in the NFL.

    Hanna is the complimentary speed guys to those two and will create mismatches all over the field. He just has to block enough to make teams want to play base against us in the 12 package. If teams go to nickel I want him to block well enough to open big holes for the RB.

    I think people mistakenly believe Witten is going to play forever. I think he averaged less than 7 ypa last year which is a career low. He is slowing down and is not the threat down the seam that once used to be. A big part of the modern NFL receiving TE is threatening down the seam now that Safeties aren't allowed to blow up defenseless receivers. Escobar will bring that part of the game back once he gets going and will take some load off of Witten.

    I fully expect Hanna to outproduce Escobar as a receiver this year as Escobar adjusts to the NFL.
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  20. CowboysYanksLakers

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    The team likes his potential in the red zone....
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