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    Didn't see this one posted anywhere yet...

    NFL Mock Draft from
    Calvin Johnson
    By Tom Marino
    Posted Mar 29, 2007

    Calvin Johnson No. 1 overall? JaMarcus Russell to Cleveland? The Edge and AD? NFL Expert Tom Marino breaks down April's NFL Draft.

    Tom Marino is a veteran of 35 years in the player personnel field, most recently with the St. Louis Rams. He has worked in three professional leagues (NFL, USFL, and WFL), and among his many accomplishments, is credited with the discovery of Eric Swann, the first non-collegiate player since 1946 to be selected in the 1st round of the NFL college draft.
    TeamTom Marino's Take
    #1 Oakland Raiders[​IMG]
    WR - Calvin Johnson - Georgia Tech: Al Davis doesn't have the time or patience to wait on a developing QB. Expect former No. 1 selection David Carr to give them the type of veteran experience he is looking for at the position.
    #2 Detroit Lions
    OT Joe Thomas - Wisconsin: Protecting the backside is essential in Mike Martz's offensive system. Drafting a potential 10- to 12-year pro is a wise investment. Look for Stanford QB Edwards on Lions' second pick
    #3 Cleveland Browns
    QB JaMarcus Russell - LSU: Peterson is the Browns' slam-dunk choice, but when the high ceiling Russell came available, club did an about face and filled the void at this critical position.
    #4 Tampa Bay Buccaneers
    DE Gaines Adams - Clemson: Top pass rushers are impossible to pass on at any stage. Adams is the high-energy pass rusher the Bucs covet
    #5 Arizona Cardinals
    RB Adrian Peterson - Oklahoma: Peterson's young legs complement Edgerrin James in first season and soon develops into one of the league's best backs.
    #6 Washington Redskins
    DE Jamaal Anderson - Arkansas: Finding a bonafide pass rusher is a must for the team's defense; drafting Irish QB Quinn was tempting.
    #7 Minnesota Vikings
    QB Brady Quinn - Notre Dame: Tarvaris Jackson? Brooks Bollinger? I don't think so. Don't see Vikings second-year coach staking his football future on the unproven duo.
    #8 Atlanta Falcons
    (from Houston)
    S LaRon Landry - LSU: The top safety prospect in this year's draft is a slam-dunk selection at this critical need position for the Falcons.
    #9 Miami Dolphins
    CB Leon Hall - Michigan: Dolphins can't pass on this shutdown corner. Offensive-minded head coach Cam Cameron knows the importance of defending the pass
    #10 Houston Texans
    (from Atlanta)
    OT Levi Brown- Penn State: How many times was Carr sacked over his five-year professional career? Losing top prospect and 2006 No. 3 selection Spencer through injury adds to their woes.
    #11 San Francisco 49ers
    DE Adam Carriker - Nebraska: Marquis Douglas is a journeyman player and Bryant Young is entering his 13th season. Carriker is a great fit for aging defensive front
    #12 Buffalo Bills
    LB Patrick Willis - Ole Miss: Losing veteran starters Fletcher and Spikes makes drafting the talented Willis a no brainer.
    #13 St. Louis Rams
    DT Amobi Okoye - Louisville: Finding a young talented inside run stopper is essential for the development of the Rams' defense.
    #14 Carolina Panthers
    TE Greg Olsen - Miami: Panthers like the talented Gaines at the point of attack, but team's struggling offense finds a new dimension in the up-the-seam-threat Olsen
    #15 Pittsburgh Steelers
    CB Darrelle Revis - Pittsburgh: Moves down one door from Panthers to Steelers locker room and adds much-needed fresh legs to aging defense.
    #16 Green Bay Packers
    WR Ted Ginn - Ohio State: Buckeye star is a home run receiver for the vertically challenged Packers offense.
    #17 Jacksonville Jaguars
    LB Paul Posluszny - Penn State: Head coach Del Rio knows the importance of consistent linebacker play to stabilize a defense.
    #18 Cincinnati Bengals
    CB Chris Houston - Arkansas: Bengals find in Arkansas underclassmen young legs to help fortify aging secondary
    #19 Tennessee Titans
    WR Robert Meachem - Tennessee: Vol standout is a solid replacement for departed Drew Bennett and a developing vertical threat.
    #20 New York Giants
    RB Marshawn Lynch - Cal: Giants are going to seriously miss the great Tiki Barber, but Lynch gives them a good start on the future.
    #21 Denver Broncos
    CB Aaron Ross - Texas: Can't find enough people to play out on a wing and Broncos will find in this player a versatile matchup frontline performer.
    #22 Dallas Cowboys
    WR Dwayne Bowe - LSU: Both Cowboys receiving starters will be entering their 12th season in 2007. Bowe is a savvy, talented, well-schooled catcher.
    #23 Kansas City Chiefs
    OG Ben Grubbs - Auburn: The quick-footed athlete Grubbs is a good first step in rebuilding team's offensive front. Veteran Shields is entering his 15th season in 2007.
    #24 New England Patriots
    S Reggie Nelson - Florida: Patriots fill a critical need in the later stages of the round. 14-year oft-injured veteran safety Harrison nearing the end of the line. (Pick from Seahawks)
    #25 New York Jets
    LB Lawrence Timmons - FSU: Another run-and-hit guy with a high ceiling to help solidify developing defense. Veteran journeyman Barton is a nine-year veteran
    #26 Philadelphia Eagles
    DT Alan Branch - Michigan: Needed run stopper, but I see a lot of Rams bust Jimmy Kennedy in this player's game. Buyer beware!!!
    #27 New Orleans Saints
    LB Jon Beason - Miami: Another cog in this already strong defense in the Crescent City. Beason is the next in a long line of top Miami backers.
    #28 New England Patriots
    OT Joe Staley - Central Michigan: A potential bright spot in an area of concern for this perrenial contender
    #29 Baltimore Ravens
    DE Anthony Spencer- Purdue: The perfect answer to the departure of rising star and top 2007 free agent Adalius Thomas.
    #30 San Diego Chargers
    WR Dwayne Jarrett - USC: Play of the wideouts left much to be desired in playoff loss to Patriots. Jarrett is both dependable and skilled
    #31 Chicago Bears
    RB Tony Hunt - Penn State: A big, durable ball-control back to offset the loss of Thomas Jones
    #32 Indianapolis Colts
    OG Arron Sears - Tennessee: A young, talented, versatile Vol to help in the most important aspect of the Colts offensive game -- protecting Peyton

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    = no barebacking.

    We do this, I do a dance.
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    bowe is lsu and after skyler green, i'm just lsu-scared. in any event, i do think we need to address the WR position early and if meachem/bowe/jarrett are *all* there, i'd trade down some and pick up more picks - take whoever is there 5 spots later, then w/extra picks maybe move up in the 2nd and take a qb prospect.

    wait - i just did a carter scenario.

    no more posting for me for 5 minutes while i consider my henious actions.
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    I've considered the LSU scenario, with James/Spears/Green all being underperformers consistently. But outside of the university, that's really meaningless when it comes to speculating about how Bowe or Russell will perform on their own. Watching Bowe - the guy is a star. Outside of a premier RB improbably dropping, he's my favorite at 22.
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    I wouldn't be terribly upset with Bowe. Be much happier with him than Jarrett, Ginn, or Rice.

    It just hurts me a little to pass on Anthony Spencer.

    I wish we were the Pats: Nelson and Staley? Wow. Nice draft.
  6. cobra

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    I missed this the first time. This is definitely in need of the lolcopter.

    Branch (who was a top 6 pick for the last 4 months) falls to Iggles at #26 and they take him?

    He will look great next to Bunkley. They can eat hot dogs together on the bench.
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    I would have pulled the pick for either Branch or Moss at that point in the draft....
  8. firehawk350

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    No way he falls that far...
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    Who is Dwayne Bowe? People talk about Ginn, Jarret and Meachem but i havent heard anyone rave about Bowe......
  10. Doomsday101

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    Dwayne Bowe is also one of the top WR in this draft out of LSU projected to go in the 1st rd.
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    That is one bad mock draft! There is no way Buffalo or GB pass on Lynch. Bowe and Meachem will be gone. San Fran and The Titians will not pass on these guys.
  13. ZeroClub

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    I was thinking the exact same thing.
  14. theogt

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    How long were you under that rock?
  15. Haley94

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    Not only Skyler, but Spears and Peterman were from LSU. I'm LSU scared as well.
  16. theogt

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    I'm sure the Colts were thinking the same thing when they drafted Addai. How'd that work out?
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    I'll throw a brick through the TV if the boys pick Bowe. Rice is 10 times the reciever..That said, no way I would pass on Nelson or Branch.
  18. Hoofbite

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    hopefully no further then 22. realistically, probably won't make it out of the top 10
  19. SultanOfSix

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    He looks good. I don't know how he compares as far as speed is concerned, but he reminds me a lot of TO and the way he runs.

    Seems like a very good route runner.
  20. Haley94

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    I'm referring to the Cowboy's karma with LSU players. LeFleur comes to mind as well.

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