News: Scouts Eye: Cowboys - Rams by Bryan Broaddus

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    Scout's Eye: Rams-Cowboys preview
    October, 21, 2011 Oct 219:00AM CTEmail Print Comments1 By Bryan Broaddus

    After two difficult losses against the Lions and the Patriots, the Cowboys face the St. Louis Rams in a contest where both teams need a win in the worst way.

    The Rams were picked by many as preseason NFC West favorites with Sam Bradford at quarterback. Instead they are 0-5 and really not doing anything well on offense or defense
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    This has been mostly covered already, but this tidbit about our decision regarding Steven Jackson in that draft was interesting:

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    As was the line of regret immediately following.
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    really though: Jackson has had 2 really good years and a good year. He also has had a lot of injuries. I am not that sure we would have done all that much better with him. And clearly our scouts concerns about his injury susceptibility was dead on.

    And add to the fact that Jerruh loves to wheel and deal; and at the time it was thought that Buffalo would stink in that next year. They ended up having a much better record then a lot of people thought the year before. So that pick probably had a lot more value in Jerruh's eyes at the time.
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    I still think of what might have been. And you have to compare Jackson to Jones - and there's really no comparison.

    And if we have Jackson, it's unlikely we make many of the other moves (and possible mistakes) that we have regarding the running back position.

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