Scout's Eye: Some Personnel Notes From Practice

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    Scout's Eye: Some Personnel Notes From Practice
    Posted 2 hours ago

    [​IMG] Bryan Broaddus


    • In talking to folks that had access to practice on Monday, Ronald Leary was back running with the first team offense and Mackenzy Bernadeau was with the second team at both guard and center. My gut feeling is that each week, these two will be switching back and forth. Also in the near future, expect to see Zack Martin get some snaps at center, as these coaches work on different combinations.
    • Cole Beasley has been the receiver that has received the most work out of the slot in their “11” personnel group, but there have also been plenty of snaps where Dez Bryant has received work in the slot with Beasley on the outside – this has been a switch for him from what we have seen in the previous years. These types of moves show the confidence that this staff has in Beasley to be more than just a slot player.
    • I have written before about Scott Linehan and how he likes to stretch the defense horizontally with personnel. What I have noticed about studying Linehan, is that he likes to attack the middle of the field as he is stretching you. There have been plenty of snaps where you see both receivers and tight ends working down inside giving the quarterbacks a nice, easy throw when the pocket starts to break down or nothing is open on the outside. It appears that he is giving these quarterbacks more options.
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    I like how they're trying a significant amount of different combinations with the O lineman. It's so nice to have this area finally be a real strength. I'll be confident in whatever combo they trot out there wk 1. These guys are going to be good.

    Also thought the part about Scandrick was interesting. Seems as though Marinelli must really like what he sees there. Hopefully Mo and Carr can both elevate their game this year as well (an improved pass rush will certainly help).

    Can't wait to see how this defensive depth chart works itself out over the next couple of months.
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    I can see a combination of Dunbar/Beasley/Malena sharing time in the Reggie Bush role, getting the ball to them in space and letting them create...or at least, I hope so. I think it would be a great wrinkle to add to this offense, with opposing defenses likely game-planning against the Witten/Dez combo. I cannot wait for preseason to start.
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    Scandrick gets short shrift from a lot of people enamored with Mo and others physical attributes. He shows just how important the mental aspect is.
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    Hopefully Linehan takes these talented RBs he has and puts them to good use. When was the last time Dallas consistently ran it down someone's throat?
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    We did not have the ability to ram it down anyone's throat - now the question is will our so called brain trust even TRY?
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    Concerning that third point, I think that's actually a decent sized change from Garrett's offensive philosophy. I might be wrong but I remember reading something about how Garrett doesn't really work the middle of the field much, especially with his outside recievers. Dez should excel at having a few more crossing routes.
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    Cole Beasley.. anyone still think he may not make the team?

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    I think the real question is - do we go 6 deep at WR? If they all stay healthy I'm betting we will lose anyone we try to hide on the PC.
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    Maybe Linehan can teach them how to defend the middle of the field while he is at it.
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    I don't recall that, but do think Tony doesn't love throwing the crossing routes much. Not his best routes.
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    'tis the season to try different things...I like the idea of attacking the middle of the field...I would hope escobar gets some looks in that regard...having a TE to catch the ball not named witten should open things up for others...the more an opposing defense has to think about, the better
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    I think you're going to see more running but even more swing and sprint passes.
  14. jobberone

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    He likes the seams more than the crossing routes. One thing has been Tony hasn't had as much time until recently with long developing routes. Now if you're also throwing drag and some short dig routes in the mix then we've done those as well as the quick in slants.

    I'll be a very happy person to see less of those short out routes which other teams seem to jump so well.
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    Dez in the slot. Defenses coordinators are losing sleep now.
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    Wondered when they were going to do soon as he was able is the answer. Now all they have to do is move him more and line him up all over the place. Nightmare time. Hard to plan on doubling and tripling him when you don't know where he'll be.
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    Nice to see Linehan trying Beasley out wide, for all the talk of how small he is and he won't hold up he's just 2-3 pounds lighter than T.Y. Hilton
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  18. big dog cowboy

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    Interesting comparison. Most (like me) probably wasn't aware of that.
  19. Crown Royal

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    I didn't know that about Beasley either, although I think the key difference is that Hilton has been a go-deep type player, dunno if we have ever even tried that with Beasley.

    Not saying he can't do it, I've just not seen it.
  20. TwoDeep3

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    Dez in motion. Like carrots and peas.

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