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    By Matt Williamson
    Scouts Inc.

    We hear it continuously: The NFL has become a quarterbacks league. Quarterbacks are more protected in the pocket today, and the rules favor the passing game more than ever. Because of the increased pressure on opposing secondaries, pass-rushers who can pressure the pocket without the aid of extra defenders are premium commodities.

    Here are the five guys who do it best today in the NFL, with honorable mentions included at the bottom:

    1. DeMarcus Ware, Dallas Cowboys
    2. Jared Allen, Minnesota Vikings
    3. Tamba Hali, Kansas City Chiefs
    4. Jason Pierre-Paul, New York Giants
    5. Terrell Suggs, Baltimore Ravens

    1. DeMarcus Ware, Dallas Cowboys


    Ware finished second in sacks in the NFL this season with 19.5, but he is still first in my book by a rather large margin. His body of work since entering the league is simply outstanding. Ware is on pace to rival the greatest pass-rushers in NFL history. This year, he got less help from those around him, as Anthony Spencer was only average and the Cowboys' defensive ends and back-six defenders/blitzers were very ordinary in getting after the passer. With his long body type, he looks like a souped-up sprinter, and that shows in his initial get-off. But Ware is also a superb technician with his pass-rush moves, and he's as competitive as anyone. He is the total package as a pass-rusher.

    2. Jared Allen, Minnesota Vikings


    Many look at Allen, this year's sack leader with a whopping 22 tallies, and think that he generates the majority of his gaudy statistics from his nonstop motor. While I can't deny that his motor never quits and he is relentless in his will to get to the quarterback, he is also a vastly underrated athlete for a 4-3 defensive end. Allen has a great understanding of leverage, and hand placement in particular, but he also has every pass-rush move in the book. It wasn't like Allen's Vikings were playing with a ton of big leads on his path to 22 sacks, which makes this feat even more impressive.

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    Why bother posting this BS? Ware never gets sacks that count, is consistently blocked by one player and vanishes in crunch time.

    I know this because I read it here.
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    I'm glad I waited to read that second sentence before responding, you and me were fixin' to have a problem... but I do love good sarcasm, and you almost got me... LOL...
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    babin has to be mentioned in the top 5 if you are talking about pass rush only. the guy can do one thing an thats come off the edge fast and hard and get to the qb but that is it
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    This will be an interesting list to revisit should the NFL ever start year long HGH testing. And, no, I'm not talking about Ware though I recognize that you never know with anybody.
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    Here is a question, how many sacks would Ware have if he played for Pittsburgh? 30?

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